How to Activate Twitch TV on Xbox, Android & PlayStation

How to Download Twitch VODs Smartphone and PC

Twitch is a live streaming service provider that offers different kinds of entertainment to its viewers. The categories include live sports competitions, IRL or In-Real-Life streams, music broadcasts and much more. Moreover, viewers can interact via chat rooms and steamer donations.

So you can get all these advantages of watching Twitch on your Xbox, Android or PlayStation by activating your Twitch account. Activation steps vary from device to device. But from these guidelines, you can easily activate Twitch through

Create a Twitch TV Account

To stream on Twitch, you must create a Twitch account first; with a unique username, you can chat and personalize your wanted streamers by subscribing to them.

Follow the steps to create your Twitch TV account:

  •  Open Twitch.TV’s official website.
  •  Tap the Sign Up icon on the top-right corner of the screen.
  •  Enter your wanted login details (usernamepassworddate of birth, and phone number).
  •  You will receive a unique code on your phone number before verifying it.
  •  If the phone number is not working, you can your email account alternately. Tap the Use email instead button and enter your email address to create an account in the field.
  •  When done, tap on the Sign Up icon.
  •  You have now created your Twitch user account. Take note of credentials, which will be used to access your Twitch account.

Activate Twitch TV on PlayStation

To Activate a Twitch account on a PlayStation console, you need to install the Twitch App through PlayStation Store. You will also require an active Twitch account and a different device to log in to the account and receive the activation code.

To activate Twitch TV on PlayStation, follow the guidelines:

  •  Open the PlayStation console on your device and go to the PlayStation Store.
  •  Find the Twitch App and install it.
  •  When installed, open the Twitch App and log in to your Twitch account using your credentials.
  •  You will show a six-digit code on your display. This is your activation code; save it or note it as you will need it on the next step.
  •  On another device, open the browser and go to
  •  Sign in to the Twitch account and enter the six-digit code you have saved. 
  •  Tap on Activate. The Twitch TV account is activated now on your PlayStation console. You can now enjoy your favourite streaming through your PlayStation’s Twitch App.

Activate Twitch TV on Xbox

Activating your Twitch TV app on the Xbox is the same as on the PlayStation console. Here you also need an active Twitch account; entering the activation code requires a different smart device. These guidelines can also be applied to various Xbox editions, including Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Series X.

To activate Twitch TV on Xbox using, follow the steps: 

  •  Open the Xbox console and go to Microsoft Store.
  •  Find the Twitch App for Xbox and install it.
  •  Open Twitch App and Log In to your Twitch account.
  •  Here, you will show your Xbox activation code. Save this code as you will enter this in the next step.
  •  Using a different device, open a browser, go to, and log in to your Twitch account.
  •  Enter the six-digit activation code you received on your Xbox’s Twitch App.
  •  Choose Activate. Twitch TV is activated now on your Xbox console. You can now stream your wanted Twitch content on your Xbox.

Activate Twitch TV on Android

You can enjoy Twitch TV on your Android device with enough internal memory in your mobile and a wireless network connection then you can install and activate the Twitch TV. You can start Twitch TV on an Android device by following the steps. 


  •  Using your phone’s default browser, open Twitch TV’s official website.
  •  Tap on Sign Up and create a new Twitch account.
  •  Enter your credentials, such as usernamepassword, and phone number. Use an active mobile number as it will be used to send you an activation code to activate your Twitch TV account.
  •  You can use your email account also. Tap the Use email instead button and enter your email address on the field.
  •  Enter the six-digit verification code in the empty field sent to you on your phone number or email address.
  •  Tap on Submit to verify the code and tap Done to confirm.
  •  Your Twitch account is verified now.
  •  Now, download the Twitch App on Google Play Store and Install it.
  •  log in to your Twitch account. You can stream your favourite content and interact with other Twitch users via chat rooms.

Final Words

Twitch is a famous and huge network where you can stream, watch creative content and interact. You can use Twitch TV through different consoles and devices by using the Twitch TV app. For that, you should have an activated Twitch account. you can also Download Twitch VODs on smartphones, and PC

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