What Does ISTG Mean in Text?

What does ISTG meaning in Text

From the beginning of time across the languages, the Slangs have been a common theme. Most of the slang has become formalized and now can find in dictionaries. Most of them are still in their original form and, in some cases, just a one-time thing. Internet is such a platform that it is not helpful only to popularize and socially legitimize the latest acronyms and abbreviated slang forms, even though it has lived back some old popular ones. And one of the best of them is ISTG. So what is ISTG meaning?

This was a just introduction and not enough for it. Here, you will learn more and more about What ISTG means, how to use ISTG, and how not to use it in a discussion.

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What does ISTG stand for?

ISTG stands for ‘I Swear To God.’

This is a prevalent and daily language phrase that people commonly use around the world, and it is an essential part of their respective language. People use to speak this word every day using language that makes it popular and quite easily understandable. ISTG is rarely used over text messages, as OMG or oh My God is the most used, famous, and closer phrase in people.

How to use ISTG?

ISTG is quite an acronym used to depict numerous meanings and expressions.
ISTG makes your statement believable, and the other people understand your point.
This is a great way to make the listener understand that you are saying true because it fulfills the responsibility for your statement.

ISTG can use in different phrases during discussion such as

Examples of ISTG

Friend 1: ISTG! If you tell Ayesha about this issue, I will never talk to you again!
Friend 2: Ugh! Okay!

ISTG promises the receiver that what they are sharing will be secret between them, and they will be done with responsibility and seriousness and not hurt the sender’s expectations.

Example 2
Me: ISTG, I will go tomorrow and will help that needy person.
ISTG can also use to promise with yourself and fulfill your commitments

Example 3
Friend1: Stop teasing me by not accepting my call, ISTG. I will never talk to you again.

Friend 2: Ugh! Okay!
You can use ISTG to convey your feelings to other people.

How not to use ISTG?

ISTG should not be speaking in front of spiritual and religious persons, and they can dislike this phrase and create an unwanted conflict.
Don’t use ISTG in your professional conversation or show secureness to your statement.

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