How to Fix YouTube Daily Quota Limit Exceeded Error

How to fix Youtube daily limit exceeded

YouTube features are not needed any introduction and are not hidden from its users. It has a lot of things to entertain everyone, Students, Kids, and Youth, and you can learn almost everything in your life. It provides content for education and entertainment, and its usability with Kodi in the form of a YouTube add-on is fantastic. Now a day, most users use YouTube Add-on; it’s very famous and a must-have for every Kodi device as well.

There is not only one tool even many of the Kodi add-ons are based on it. Some other add-ons also use playlists from YouTube. YouTube consists of the official Kodi TV repository and can install in straightforward steps. As other addons have some issues, in the same way, you can face some problems with YouTube, and that is Kodi YouTube Quota Exceeded Fix. It is a widespread error that Kodi users face. Applying these guidelines can quickly resolve YouTube Daily Quota Limit Exceeded Error.


Method to Fix Kodi YouTube Quota Limit Exceeded Error

Here are two straightforward ways to fix the issues and both methods are not time-consuming. The first method it’s working with the API number and Kodi default cache. In a second way, it works with Personal YouTube API keys.

Both methods are mentioned in detail; by using these simple and easy methods, you can quickly resolve the youtube quota exceeded on the Kodi issue on any device you are using.

Fix by Increasing Cache Size and Changing API Number

  •  Launch the Kodi
  •  Open YouTube Addon
  •  Go to the “Advanced” from Settings
  •  Turn ON the Support alternative player
  •  Increase Cache Size from the present size to 20 or can more
  •  Move to “API” in the Settings
  •  Adjust the “Use Preset API key set” number from 1 to 4 any of the (the Default value is one, and the new number should be greater than the existing number)
  •  This error message of the YouTube Kodi daily limit exceeded will be fixed after increasing the number. Number 1 is the minimum value, so the issue can be due to this in your case. 

     All is done! Now you can use error-free YouTube streaming with Kodi.

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Fix by Creating Personal YouTube API Key

  •    First of all, go to
  •    Make click on “Select a Project” at the top.
  •    After that, a box will appear that says “Create project” make click on it
  •    Enter the relevant name in the name tab
  •    A Project ID will appear after this, copy this project ID and paste it into any editor like Notepad.
  •    Click on Create.
  •    Go back to API on the main page and make click on YouTube Data API
  •    Click on the “Select Project” icon 
  •    Choose “My YouTube API Key” and go on
  •    Select the “Enable” button
  •    Select “Create credentials.”
  •    Make click on “Android” from the drop-down list.
  •       Under the “What data will you be accessing?” Check out the “Public Data” from “What Data will you access?”
  •       Click on the “What credentials do I need?”
  •       YouTube API key has been generated and can find in the API key section
  •        This API key is used for fixing the YouTube Quota Limit Exceeded Error on Kodi
  •         Make click on “Done” to save the settings
  •        The personal Key has now been generated
  •         Save it and Open the Kodi now!
  •         Make a click on YouTube Addon.
  •         Choose Settings and then Click on API
  •         Enable the Personal keys
  •          Enter the Personal YouTube API keys that you have saved in the above steps
  •          Make click on OK to proceed

After these procedures, YouTube Daily Quota Limit Exceeded Error in Kodi has been resolved, and you can stream your favorite content with the YouTube Kodi addon. Use the Kodi youtube plugin quota exceeded to fix the error.


These are simple steps for YouTube Daily Quota Limit Exceeded Error in Kodi issues which can create problems during streaming Kodi content via YouTube addon. 

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