How To Install YouTube Vanced for Android Devices

How To Install YouTube Vanced for Android Devices

YouTube Vanced has become the most famous alternative to the Google YouTube App with many best features and removes ads from being played.

Mods have done this collaboration and modified the stock YouTube App and include other many best options.

This add-on can only be installed on Android devices and as compare to the stock Google YouTube app, it has some additional steps.

It can overwrite the app when you update it from Google Play Store after installing the YouTube Vanced. So avoid updating it.

It is good to disable auto-updates access from the Google Play Store because it depends on the version that might replace the app.

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What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced the updated version of Google’s YouTube app without ads and many updated, excellent features.

The exemplary main change is free from ads. More included custom themes, Background Playback, Override Max Resolution and more.

The sponsored ads are included when the option sponsor bloc is enabled.

Non-Root vs Rooted

For not rooted, MicroG installing is required. It is a simple process, by using the option of Install it included in the installation wizard.

MicroG is an open-source Google Paly services free alternative. If the device is not rooted, then install it.

Install From Unknown Apps

There is a need to turn on the option to install the app from an unknown source. If the APKs is already installed from the start, then this option will be on. Moreover, during the installation, this option will likely ask.

Go to the settings–> Apps & Notifications–> Special App Access–> and install the Unknown Apps for this process.

Choose the browser you are using and make sure the option is enabled

How to Install YouTube Vanced Android

  1. From the web browser like Chrome open
  2. Tap on the Vanaced Manager, then Download File
  3. Tap the Open
  4. Tap the  Install
  5. When installed, click on Open
  6. Tap the Lets Get Started
  7. Once confirmed, the YouTube Vanced is Check marked then tap the Arrow
  8. For not Rooted driver at the bottom, choose the Nonroot Arrow
  9. Tap close on the popup
  10. Choose the Vanced MicroG option, then drop down Arrow to download it
  11. Vanced MicroG download
  12. Tap the Settings on the popup
  13. Turn On the Allow From This Source
  14. Now tap the back button and choose the Install
  15. Vanced MicroG will install
  16. After MicroG is installed, tap on YouTube Vanced download arrow
  17. An install screen will appear along with preferences tap Install for the Default options
  18. YouTube Vanced will now Download
  19. Tap the Install
  20. After installing, Launch the App
  21. Log in to your Google / YouTube Account

Why does getting a connection error

  • This can be a MicroG issue.
  • First of all, install the updated MicroG version
  • In case of Google password changed, MicroG is required to uninstall and reinstall.
  • Clear the cache of the MicroG app and Vanced. Go to Settings–> Apps–> MicroG for Vanced–> Storage–> Clear App Data.
  • For MicroG and Vance, disable the Battery optimization

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