How to Remove Old Data and Add Fresh Start On Kodi

How to remove data from kodi

If you have been using Kodi for a long time, it can be filled with old addons, data, and other useless things. In case of errors, you need to clear all the old data, and it is good to have a fresh start for Kodi. If you uninstall Kodi, it doesn’t remove all the data and can be deleted with a utility. By using a utility, you can remove all data from Kodi.

Remember, By removing the Kodi data, you will lose all the add-on sources and build you must add back in.

There are different methods to remove the data, so by using a Kodi Fresh Start addon or Fresh Start plugin, you can easily remove everything and start over. In the case of removing any old Build, the Fresh Start plugin might exist under the add-ons program.

Why I Should Clear Old Data From Kodi

Before starting a fresh start, you should know why Clearing old data from Kodi is essential and how it can be beneficial. So here are some facts:

Performance Improvement 

Over time, Kodi accumulates various data such as cache, thumbnails, and databases. Clearing old data can help improve Kodi’s overall performance, especially on devices with limited storage or processing power. It can result in faster navigation, quicker response times, and smoother playback.

Free Up Storage Space 

Kodi stores various files, including cached images, thumbnails, and add-on data. Clearing old and unnecessary data can free up storage space on your device. It is essential if you are using a device with limited internal storage, such as a streaming box or a Raspberry Pi.

Resolve Playback Issues

If you are experiencing playback issues, such as buffering or stuttering, clearing old data may help resolve these issues. Outdated or corrupted cache files can sometimes interfere with the smooth playback of media content.

Update Add-ons and Repositories 

Clearing old data provides a clean slate for updating add-ons and repositories. It ensures you use the latest versions of your favorite add-ons, often with bug fixes, new features, and improved performance.

Fix Database Corruption 

Kodi uses databases to organize and manage your media library. If these databases become corrupted, it can lead to missing or incorrect information in your library. Clearing old data and rebuilding the databases can help resolve these issues.

Enhance Privacy 

Kodi may store information about your viewing habits and preferences. Clearing old data can enhance your privacy by removing traces of your usage history. It can be important for users who are concerned about privacy and data security.

To clear old data in Kodi, you can use built-in maintenance tools or third-party add-ons designed for this purpose. Remember that clearing data will reset some settings and may require you to set up your preferences and add-ons again. Always back up your important data before performing any maintenance or clearing procedures.


How Do I Do a Fresh Start on Kodi and Remove Old Data?

  • Click on the System Settings Icon at the top left
  • Click on the File Manager
  • Now click Add Source On the left
  • Now, click where it says NONE.
  • Type the URL: and click on OK
  • Enter the name Dimitrology and click on OK here
  • Make sure everything is right and click on the OK, then
  • Move back to the main menu and click on Add-ons
  • At the top left, click on the Add-on Package Installer Icon
  • Click on Install from the zip file
  • A box will slide open. Find out Dimitrology, and click it
  • Find the and click on it.
  • A pop will appear at the top right and say Fresh Start Installed.
  • After installing it from the main menu, move to Program Add-ons and click on Fresh Start.
  • A popup will appear to click the Yes.
  • Please wait a few moments to clear and display the old data. When done now, click OK.
  • Now close the Kodi and then restart it
  • So, when you continue the Kodi, all the old Data should be removed.
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