15 Essential Tips How to Get Better at League of Legends

League of Legends

Whether unranked, bronze or platinum – League of Legends has two things common in all the divisions:

  1. It’s so much fun
  2. There are always places where you can improve your own game

Make the game is not as easy as most of the user notice the others complains more than their own work properly. Nevertheless, there are some specific points that distinguish a good player from a bad player. No player is perfect, not even faker but the more of the following League of Legends tips you follow in your game, the more successful you will be on Summoner’s Rift!

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League of Legends Tips: Top 15

Improve Last Hits

Kills in the lane may be nice, but when it comes to gold, the “last hit” of minions (meaning putting the last hit on a minion to get gold for it) is usually more important. A dozen minions already give more gold than a champion kill.

A good player maximizes the last hits to minions per minute (“CS per minute“) as much as possible to have an advantage over the opponent. Briefly to illustrate: Rekkles manages to achieve an average of 9.8 CS per minute. You won’t be able to do that but you still have to try to miss as few minions as possible.

Keep An Eye On The Mini Map

The mini-map is your friend. The more you can look at it, the better! But seriously! get used to looking at the mini-map every few seconds if possible. So you can see early, for example when the opposing jungler approaches you. You will also notice if a player is missing in other lanes who can then suddenly turn up for your tower dive. Information wins wars, and the mini-map is your main source of information!

Wards, Wards, Wards

Vision (the visibility of the map) wins games. The more you can see on the map, the more you know about the position of your opponents. The more you know about the position of your opponents, the easier you can play them off. Let’s say you have a ward on the dragon and see that 3 opponents start the dragon. You can immediately rush towards the three opponents and, in the best case, dust off a few kills (and maybe the dragon) by overpowering. Therefore, if possible, always buy a ward because vision is important for the entire team.  KaSing sets up an average of 1.71 wards per minute!

Know Power Spikes

A “power spike” describes a certain level in which a League of Legends hero becomes excessively strong. An example is Leona when she becomes level 2, then the complete engagement (E and then directly Q) is available, with which you can go all-in against your opponents very early.

A good player knows the power spikes of his own hero, but also those of the opponents and adjusts his playing style (aggressive vs passive) accordingly. In plain language, if you play Leona, you should almost always attack the opponent directly at level 2 and if you play against them, you should be extremely careful at level 2.

Small Champion Pool> Large Champion Pool

If you look at the professional players of the LCS, you admire the large champion pool (i.e. the number of heroes that the player perfectly masters) of the professionals.

Normally, as a ranked player, you have to master as many heroes as possible ideally enough to be able to “counter” every other hero in the game. However, this approach is wrong. As a non-professional, it is usually better to concentrate on just a few heroes.

In extreme cases, it is actually the easiest “one trick” to advance in the divisions. The reason is that you usually get one of your three focus heroes anyway. Target bans against you may exist in the LCS, but not in the normal Ranked. Better invest your time in 2-3 heroes, which you master more and more perfectly.

Trading in lane

In addition to load-hitting and power spikes in the lane, “trading” is important. Especially in the early phases of the game, you can make his health bar disappear by clever attacks on your opponent. Do you have a range advantage (such as Caitlyn vs. Vayne)? Always bet on short “Poken”! Does your opponent really want to last-hit the Cannon-Minion? Punish him with 1-2 auto attacks!

Clarify Objectives

In addition to towers, inhibitors or the Nexus, there are other objectives on the card: Dragon, Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor not only give money but also bonus values ​​for the team. Teams that manage to put wards in front of these points and kill them at the right moment have a huge advantage in the game. However, the right moment is crucial. If the opponents push four in the top lane, the kite is an easy target. If you’ve just destroyed an enemy inhibitor, you can go straight to the Baron.

Good Macro Game

Good “macro game” based on objectives is of course also important. This means that as a team you should always “rotate” to the right lanes in order to systematically lever out your opponent. This League of Legends tip is of course quite abstract, means, for example, you destroyed the first tower as Bot Lane? Move into the middle and support your Mid Laner with his push! Or your Top Laner has won his lane and is now going to split-push? Distracts the opponent in the middle and avoids outnumbered team fights!

At The Right Moment to The Base

Many low ELO players make the mistake of returning to the base at the wrong moment. The right moment to return to the base is determined by two things:

  1. Do you have enough money for an important item? For example, as an AD carry, you shouldn’t go back to the base with 1,200 gold if you can just as well wait for a wave and then buy the BF Sword for 1,300 gold.
  2. Are you missing a lot of Minions because of this? In the best case, you push the wave in your lane into the opposing tower, so that your own tower kills none of your minions.

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Do Not Get Provoked

The easiest way to win a game? Get the opponent to TILT! This is one of the most important things to take care of. Do not get enraged if things do not get your way. Keep calm and concentrate on the strategy. Going aggressive in rage always results in losing the game.

Adjust Item Build Path

Sure: guides like the ones you may find on lolking are good for learning the ideal items per hero (i.e the “build path”). However, these build paths are only a basis that must be adjusted depending on the game situation. A small example: You are a jungler and you don’t have a single tank in your team, but you play against a full-AD opposing team? Then build armor instead of damage so that you can play at the frontline in the team!

Play Carefully If You Have No Vision

One of the easiest League of Legends tips: 20 minutes played and you don’t see any of your five opponents on the map? It means that…

  1. … they are all AFK in the base (very unlikely)
  2. … you have too few wards (definitely)
  3. … they are taking an important objective or are standing in the bush you are walking into.

So the best thing to do is to follow the simple rule. If you don’t see an enemy on the map, they are probably where they can do you the most damage.

Don’t Fight While Outnumbered

You don’t believe how many players disregard this League of Legends tip on every ELO. It happens so often that you start team fights for no reason while being outnumbered and of course lose 95% of them. If you have teammates who also ignore this basic rule ping them back and communicate with them! If you are outnumbered, the best strategy is to escape the situation.

Learn to kite

A particularly important League of Legends tip for all AD carriers out there. Be sure to learn to “ kite ” an enemy properly ! This means that with short movements between each auto attack you can always keep some distance between yourself and your opponent.

This technique, also known as the” stutter-step “, is difficult, but essential in higher divisions. Immediately after each auto-attack, you can interrupt the rest of the attack animation and move freely until the next auto-attack. You can either stay away from an approaching enemy or chase a fleeing enemy.

Communicate With Your Team

Last but very important League of Legends tip: Communicate with your team! Behind every computer is a person who hopefully is doing his best to win. Use the chat to announce important objectives (” Let’s go baron, they are all back “), to request help (” I could need a gank if possible “) or to discuss general strategies (” Let’s wait until we’re five, then engage.” with ultimate “). Good communication can be extremely valuable, and can make the difference between winning or losing on Summoner’s Rift!

Conclusion: League of Legends tips

These were my 15 most important League of Legends tips for advancing in the divisions. Now the question for you: What tips can you give other players to get better? Write it in the comments!

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