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Best Kodi Builds 2021-100% Working (HD Stream No Buffering)

Kodi is a well known and amazing platform that is freely available and open source. It has revolutionized online entertainment with its easy installation and configuration into a device of your choice. The ease of watching online entertainment content live on a TV device is simply magic and more than comfort.

The ease of Kodi gives the users the freedom to stream online videos live into their smart TVs or any other device. Kodi is brought the entire user interface to your remote control.  Enjoy your wanted content in a relaxing mod while travelling or on your bed.

You can achieve it all with an easy configuration of Kodi builds and instant installation of relevant add-ons. Following is an extensive list of the best Kodi builds for 2021 that can help you access a great variety of media and entertainment content online that includes but is not limited to movies, sports, news, comedy, kids, TV shows, music, and a lot.  

Best Kodi Builds 2021

The Tested and approved Best Kodi Builds 2021 included

  1. Silvo
  2. Xanax Build
  3. Misfit Mods Lite
  4. No Limits Magic Build
  5. Titanium Build
  6. Route 66
  7. Bcfc Joe’s Football Legends
  8. The Last Kingdom – Family Leia Build

Although there are tons of Kodi addon builds working in the world. But all the addons are not working in the same way. But these addons are tested and approved, and you will not face any harmless to use these best Kodi builds in 2021.

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A fresh start before installing a Kodi build can keep you safe from issues

To avoid the problems, always start a build with a fresh Kodi installation. Kodi. tv/download the best source for new installing. The fresh installation keeps you safe from the issue between the build installation and other installed addons.

How to delete unwanted pirate addons

Sometimes unwanted pirate add-ons can create issues during the installing of Kodi builds. Although there are different methods for different builds you can try these tips with any of the builds

  • Search the name of the addon you want to delete.
  • Then on the addon, make a right-click, and then make a click on the Information.
  • Options will appear on the screen like “Disable”, the most valuable, one that says Uninstall
  • Now click on the Uninstall icon.

This is a way, but you cannot delete permanently delete unwanted add-ons. To remove permanently, you have to search the zip file for the installed Build, open it and then delete the plugin with the name of the addon that you want to remove permanently.

Best Kodi Builds 2021

Kodi Builds 2021 Although there are thousands of Builds but below mentioned Builds have a great user interface and experience. These build also using a large number of users, so are 100% working and user-approved and are best Kodi build for firestick

1. Silvo

This is the latest Build with just two best builds for Kodi Leia and Kodi Krypton, which works with both Kodi versions.  Silvo is an excellent and lightweight build that offers all the wanted content. With plenty of preloaded addons, you can start streaming on-demand content such as TV shows, Movies, Sports, Live TV, Documentaries, and much more.

This Build, when installed, have weighed more than 540 MB, and it can trim down almost 250 MB for good performance on Fire Stick and other low specs device as well. It has a very simple interface with a simple layout that you can use easily. All the feature content is available on the home screen. You can use to stream more content.

Build Download Size: 481.42 MB

Download location:

# of video addons included: 26

2. Xanax Build

The Xanax build, although not having any pills for relief but it has features that can give you better feelings. It has a straightforward interface with an impressive design. An introductory chime is added to it when you launch Kodi along with the installed Build.

It offers preinstalled video addons with a vast number of exciting videos. It provides a massive number of video addons already installed with this Build, such as NHK Live, Disney+ Formula 1, YouTube, YouTube Music and much more.

To install this, you have to download the Xanax Repo and head to the “Install from repository” section after moving to the “Program add-ons”. Now search the build installer and select the build version for the version of Kodi recently installed.  Xana will work with the Kodi versions 17 and Kodi 18 builds.

Build download size: 365.18 MB

Download location:

# of video addons includes: 58

3. The Last Kingdom – Family Leia Build

The Last Kingdom – Family Leia Build is one of the best Builds with fun specific men settings. The addons category changed to Apps and contained categories for Live TV, Movies, Sports and much more. The addons are available for ITV, BBC, Adult Swim and more, along with preinstalled.

The Build can be found through the Last Kingdom Wizard, which is accessible with the Last Kingdom Repository. The Build works with version 18.0 of Kodi. But it also works with the latest Kodi version, like 18.7. but you have to face some problems when you use a theme optimized for an old Kodi version.

Build Download Size: 328.42 MB

Download location:

# of video addons included: 29

4. Misfit Mods Lite

 If you want to install Kodi on your device and enjoy free live streaming such as TV series shows, Music, Live Sports, Movies and much more, then Misfit Mods Lite Kodi 19 Builds can fulfil your wishes. It offers a large number of video streaming with various categories.

It is available with excellent add-ons such as SportDevil, Deathstar, and Magic Dragon. A wonderful way of entertainment, with a ton of free events around the world. These all are available just in one package.
Build Download Size: 243.02 MB

Download location:

# of video addons included: 23

5. No Limits Magic Build

No Limits Magic Build is available in different versions and users like it with tons of entertainment events. Now it is among the most impressive builds for Kodi.

The best feature of this Build is that you can install a Full or Lite version, so the download size depends on the selected version. You can install it first, download the No Limits Wizard and then choose the version you want to install from its menu.

You can get the section with this Build like Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports and much more. Kodi No Limits Magic works with Aeon Nox SiLVO skin, which can be download and install by the developer.

Build download size: 430.44 MB

Download location:

# of video addons included: 59

6. Titanium Build

 Titanium Build is rich with over the world entertainment that makes it outstanding among the Kodi Builds. This Build offers a wide range of events like LIve TV, Kids Zone, Live Sports, Sports Replays, Highlights, Live TV for US and UK cable TV channels.

You get a tone of entertainment sources here. Titanium features various addons such as SportsDevil, Yoda, DeathStar, Gaia and much more. It has a straightforward and clean interface that users can easily find out things.

Moreover, it updates on a daily basis to keep you up to date with the world of recent online media streaming. This is the best Kodi build for Spanish users. It is specially designed for English user.

Build Download Size: 209.41MB

Download location:

# of video addons included: 17

7. Route 66

 Get your wanted content on Route 66. This Kodi build offers a simple skin with the most famous American Highway, which cut the US from the east coast to the west. This addon is free of frills and lightweight. It is available with 11 addons.

The best features of this Build are on the background impressing image overlaid for every section. These images make it attractive for the user.

Build Download Size: 142 MB

Download location:

# of video addons included: 11

8. Bcfc Joe’s Football Legends

It is a lightweight build without any addons. This Build is built with the essential skin that is available anywhere. If you want a soccer-themed Kodi Build, then this Build is terrific because it offers many football events.

This Build works with Kodi 18.5 but also will work with any other Kodi 18 version installed.

Build Download Size: 78.77 MB

Download location:

# of video addons included: 0

How to Avoid Kodi builds malware

While downloading the Kodi builds, some of the malware unintentionally install during the process of downloading. Because you don’t know what addon or addons repository will add to the Kodi installation until the Build is installed.

To avoid malware, you should run an antivirus program on your device, running Kodi. Different gadgets like Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux that use Kodi and Kodi addons are now with high malware risk. Even the most famous add-ons also carried malware and affect the users without their knowledge.

You can use different free antivirus apps for Android, Windows and Mac.

Conclusion – Best Kodi Builds in 2021

Kodi application is getting popular because the users can easily find a massive variety of builds, tools, and addons to access media content online. With the help of the list we provided in this post, you can easily select a build that best suffices your needs to watch videos live from the internet without a single pause.

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