How to AMC com Activate on Various Devices

amc com activate

AMC is the most popular and most used among movie lovers due to the original content you can watch only on AMC. You can access AMC content only if you have an active subscription or are given access through a TV provider.

If you want AMC streaming on a supported device other than a browser, then first activate your streaming device.

Only some devices are supported for AMC content streaming, such as Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku iOS, and Android phones. Some Smart TV OSs (Samsung’s Tizen, LG’S webOS).

Here are details on how to activate AMC on supported devices. These steps are straightforward to www AMC com activate on different devices.

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How to Activate AMC on Amazon’s Fire TV

First of all, download the AMC app to Fire TV device. You can download it from the home screen by accessing the Apps tab. 

  • Once you access the Apps tab, find the AMC app by installing the search option.
  • After completing the installation, launch the AMC Fire TV app and wait to complete the initialization.
  • When the app is initialized, choose Account from the left-hand side menu.
  • After a few seconds, an activation screen popping up will appear on the screen – Take notice as you’ll need it.
  • Next, on any browser (on your device), open the link.
  • When Activate Your Device page shows, go ahead and enter the Activation code that you have received at step 5, then click on Submit.

After that, insert your AMC user details and complete the log-in process. 
If you are using AMC through a TV provider, you have to sign in with your TV provider.

Finally, when the signup process is completed, go back to the AMC app; it should be already activated.

How to Activate AMC on Roku

  • Open the Roku with your TV and click the home key on Roku remote to go to the HomePage.
  • Now, choose the Streaming Channels tab and find the AMC using the search button.
  • From the list appearing, go to the AMC app page, tap on the Add Channel icon by using the remote and start the app installation.
  • When the AMC app is installed, launch it and wait for the starting initialization process to complete.
  • Now, tap the Activate your device, and then the Account tab will open; now copy the Activation code.


  • Next, by using your device like Mobile Ios, Android, or PC  laptop, a PC pop opens a browser window, then opens the activation page of AMC.
  • When done, enter the activation code you previously saved from the Roku app and tap on the Submit.
  • A prompt will appear to log in with an AMC account or TV provider Account.
  • After completing the process, go back to the Roku device and start online Roku streaming from the AMC app.

How to Activate AMC on Android TV

  • Open Android TV, go to the home screen, and then go to the Google Play Store under the App tabs.
  • Once you open Play Store, search for the AMC app, and download it.
  • Now open the AMC app and go to Accounts from the menu.  The activation screen will appear on the right section of the TV screen.
  • Note the activation code, open the browser and go to
  • On the first screen, enter the Code you previously noticed from the Accounts tab of the AMC app on the Android TV and click on Submit.


  • After accepting the activation code, you need to sign in with your AMC account and the TV Provider.
  • Once done with all the activation steps on the AMC website, the Android TV app will be refreshing now as you can access an entire library of content.

How to Activate AMC on Apple TV

  • Open the Apple TV and go to the App Store from the home screen.
  • Next, inside the App Store, by using the search option, find the AMC app and tap on getting to download the app locally.
  • After successfully installing the app, open the AMC app and choose Account from the left menu.
  • Next, at the right side of the screen, note the activation code that appears.


In case of an empty activation code filed, press the Get a New Code icon to get the new Code.

  • Noted down the Code, open any browser (on a desktop or mobile device), and open
  • Once opened, enter the code that you have noticed at step 5, then press Submit
  • After activating the verified Code, you must sign up with an AMC account. 
  • If you can get access through a TV provider, you must sign in with the credentials provided by the TV provider.
  • Go back to Apple TV, as your AMC app should be activated now.

These are the simple steps to AMC com/activate; after this, you will successfully activate the AMC on your different devices.

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