Piso Wifi Pause Time Login and Error Fixing

piso wifi pause time

Piso WiFi is commonly used in the Philippines for public WiFi services typically provided in specific locations, such as cafes, small shops, or public spaces. Piso wifi has gained popularity due to its best performance in the Philippines. It is one of the fantastic internet providers. Piso wifi was founded in 2017, and within a few years, it became the superb internet in the Philippines. PISONET was launched in 2011 but was replaced by Piso wifi in 2017.

These services often use a business model where users pay for internet access on time. The IP address is a commonly used default gateway for routers. If you’re referring to a Piso WiFi system using this IP address, it’s likely associated with the router or management interface for the Piso WiFi service.

Users in the Philippines can approach the internet by using coins in the system. It is not wrong to say that coin usage comes from “one-peso internet.” 

This service is delivered to the users with a vending machine. Piso Wi-Fi Vendo is an internet rental service users can purchase with coins. Piso Wi-Fi was created so that all non-technical users could quickly access internet services. This service is primarily an option for those people who cannot purchase expensive internet packages or wish to save money on internet services. The is the default gateway for the internet. 

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Devices Compatible with Piso Wifi

All wifi enabled devices


 Desktop Computer 

 Tablets PC


Why You Should Use the Ipb Piso Wifi Pause Time

Features of a Piso WiFi system using the IP address may include:

Admin Panel: The address is often associated with the administrative panel or dashboard for configuring and managing the Piso WiFi system. This user-friendly interface allows Admins to set pricing, monitor usage, and manage other settings.

User Authentication: Piso WiFi systems typically have a user authentication mechanism. A user must enter a code, or you should pay to access the internet for a specified duration.

Time-Based Access: A user can use the internet for a specific time based on the payment paid for it. If the payment has finished and time expires, you must make another payment for continued internet access.

Payment Integration: Piso WiFi systems accept various payment methods, including coins, bills, or electronic payments, depending on the setup.

Customizable Pricing: Admins can set different pricing plans or durations for internet access, providing flexibility to cater to different user needs.

Usage Monitoring: The admin panel may include features to monitor usage statistics, such as the number of connected users, data usage, and revenue generated.

Splash Page: Piso WiFi systems may have a splash page where users are directed to enter authentication details or make payments before gaining access to the internet.

Remote Management: Some systems allow administrators to remotely manage and monitor the Piso WiFi network remotely remotely, facilitating easy administration and troubleshooting.

Security Features: Piso wifi is safe to ensure the network’s security. Piso WiFi systems use security features. Such as they provide password protection, encryption, and firewall settings.

Customization: Admins may be able to customize the look and feel of the login page, splash screen, and other aspects of the user interface to align with their brand or theme.

How to Piso Wifi Portal Pulse Login

Follow these steps to login Piso wifi pause time

  •  Open a web browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox)
  •  Enter or in the URL bar and press enter.
  •  A login page with the option of username and password will appear. 
  •  By using the username and password, get a login. 
  •  Once successfully, enter the login details and click on the login. Now, you are logged into the Router’s Admin Panel. 
  •  Many settings are available here, like LAN and WAN settings, wifi settings, username, password, etc. 

Remember: Use a strong password of eight characters containing different numerical digits, special characters like @ # $ ! &, and upper and lower surfaces.

When you log into your router settings page the first time, try changing the default password for security reasons. If you leave your wireless network unsecured, other users can access your network and trace your credit card number and password. So don’t forget to change your default password.

How to Pause Piso Wifi 

You cannot go deep without Piso WiFi’s default gateway understanding. So before using the Piso wifi, you should monitor these facts.

  • Enter the portal using the code. You can easily manage your internet access. 
  • You can use the bandwidth as you want, whether or not to allow connections and invest money in your wish. You must know how to stop time on Piso wifi.
  • So, by visiting the address, you can quickly resume or pause the internet connection. This option of stopping your Wi-Fi time is best to waste your money. 

Why are You Unable to Access

If you are unable to access, then the reason can be:

Default Gateway address

The first reason can be the default gateway address of your device and router instead of, so your browser cannot locate the Admin Panel at Find the correct gateway address to connect it.

Default IP address

The IP address can be the default you are typing in the browser. Don’t use www or https:// at the URL’s start; sometimes, users can use “O” instead of 0 (zero). That is an invalid address.

How to Fix Unable to Access 

  • Restarting your WiFi network and router is the primary and straightforward of fixing it. Wait for a few minutes, and then reconnect your network.
  • A network outage can also cause this error; check another website to browse because ISP during peak hours can cause this problem.
  • Remove the cache and cookies of your browser.
  • You can reset your gateway to its factory default settings if you face misconfiguration in your previous session. To reset the router configuration to its default settings, unplug the router power, and at the back of it, press the small reset icon for ten seconds. When the front of the router light starts blinking, it indicates the modem has reset successfully.

Remember: Factory reset should be the last option because it differs from the restart. Factory resetting can revert all the manual settings like SSID, MAC filtration, password, and guest network.

So, Wi-Fi devices like mobile phones, TVs, or PCs will get disconnected during the process. Xfinity Voice cannot receive calls, including emergencies, until the gateway is online.

Some other attractive facts about Piso wifi


This Piso Wi-Fi service is free of cost. On the other hand, they are also paid due to clicks by Google ads.

Security Level

Moreover, it is free of cost, so don’t use your data on this network. As many users use the data simultaneously, there can be a risk of hackers.

Low Speed

As many users use the network simultaneously, there can be an issue with internet speed. It is a public wife without cost, so you must compromise. A high number of users means a loss in bandwidth speed and poor network quality.

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