What is Ketogenic Diet-Know All About This


What is the keto diet?

Keto diet is a very simple diet that you can arrange with the daily used foods items. it’s so simple but has a bundle of Health advantages by its low carb and high fat. The purpose of this diet is to in taken carbohydrate decrease and replaces it with fat. Sometimes you take very low quantities of foods that are very simple to digests such as white bread, sugar, soda, and pastries.

How Ketogenic diet works

A ketogenic diet provides a large quantity of ketosis by fat metabolism. This ketogenic diet body uses primarily fat for energy but not carbohydrates, as the low quantity of carbohydrate, fats turned into ketones for fuel the body. 

Ketogenic diet for acne 

Although still not it confirms how a ketogenic diet is best for skin health, it may beneficial for acne. As carbohydrates play a very important role in skin conditions, and the lower level of insulin may also help stop acne breakouts. But still, there is not any solid research on how ketogenic beneficial for skin health.

Ketogenic diet for Diabetes

As the ketogenic diet is very helpful to down the blood sugar and it’s more beneficial than other many diet plans. But in the situation of the body burns fat for energy, it creates compounds known as ketones. Many types of ketones can make you ill especially if you have diabetes particularly type 1. So before taking any step you should first consult with doctors. 

Ketogenic diet for Epilepsy

The cause of epilepsy is seizures and a ketogenic diet is helpful to control it, As there is nothing confirmed, take anything in such type of situations with the consultation of your surgeon

ketogenic diet for cancer  

As the ketogenic diet consists of high fat and low carbohydrate diet with a high quantity of protein, it is helpful to sensitize the cancers to its treatment by slowing down the process of cancer cells.  

Ketogenic diet for heart Disease 

Although ketogenic is a diet that is known as more fat can increase the good type of cholesterol and decrease the bad type of cholesterol. As this diet lowers the insulin level and the result from this diet may control the body from creating more cholesterol. So you can be safe from high blood pressure, heart failure many other heart diseases. There is not any research on how long these effects last. 

Ketogenic diet for Polycystic

 Ovary Syndrome: This is a big problem for women and when a women’s ovaries get larger than they should be and low quantity of fluid-filled sacs form around the eggs. the main cause of it is a higher level of insulin. As the ketogenic diet lower the insulin level and use the amount you required, it may help to treat it. 


 Ketogenic diet is best for those people who are runners or cyclists. It is very helpful in your muscles to fat ratio and increases the quantity of oxygen, the body uses during hard work. It is very best as compared to other diets for peak performance. 

As there are very few side effects of this diet they can be common not be serious. It may cause low blood sugar, constipation, it may lead to kidney stones or a high level of acid in the body. It may cause keto flu, including headache, bad breathing, weakness, and fatigue. 

During the weight loss and burn the fat, it may harmful to kidneys. Whenever you leave the keto diet and start a normal diet plan, it can be hard if you are suffering from some other health issues such as heart problems, diabetes, and high blood pressure. If you are any such problem slowly bring a change in your diet and must consult with your doctor.

Ketogenic Diet Weekly Plan

Foods included in the keto diet plan Here is the one-week keto diet plan it will help you to make a complete plan. 

Day First

Breakfast: Egg muffins include tomatoes and vegetables.
 Lunch: Feta cheese, chicken salad including olive oil, olives with salad.
Dinner: Take salmon including asparagus cooked in butter.

Day Second

Breakfast: spinach omelet, tomato, basil, and egg. 
Lunch: Peanut butter, stevia shake including the side of sliced strawberries, almond milk, spinach, cocoa powder.
Dinner: Cheese shell tacos including salsa. 

Day Third

Breakfast: Blackberries, nut milk chia pudding topped including coconut. Lunch: avocado shrimp salad.  
Dinner: Salad, broccoli, and pork chops with parmesan cheese. 

Day Fourth

Breakfast: Spices, onion, salsa, peppers, and omelet with avocado. 
Lunch: Nuts and celery sticks in a handful quantity with guacamole and salsa.
Dinner: Chicken stuffed including pesto and cream cheese including a side of grilled zucchini.

Day Fifth

Breakfast: Barries, cocoa powder, sugar-free Greek, and yogurt including peanut butter.
 Lunch: Ground beef lettuce wrap tacos including sliced bell peppers.
Dinner: Mix vegetables and a high quantity of cauliflower.

Day Sixth

Breakfast: A side of grilled mushrooms and cream cheese pancake with blueberries. 
Lunch: Broccoli and low carb sesame chicken.
Dinner: White fish cooked in coconut oil with toasted pine nuts and kale.

Day Seventh:

Breakfast: Mushrooms and fried eggs.
 Lunch: Broccoli and low carb sesame chicken.
Dinner: spaghetti squash bolognese. High quantity of vegetables and meat for a long time, each of the nutrient provides various health benefits.

Final Words:

A ketogenic diet can be a good choice for people with Diabetes, Overweight, or who want to make better their metabolic health. Although this is a very good diet plan but not suitable for all people. Must consult with your doctor before starting a Ketogenic diet plan.


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