How To Use Chromecast From Laptop or PC

How To Use Chromecast From Laptop or PC

To watch video on a smartphone is a great way, but now you can also stream on PC and Laptop by using Chromecasts. Some features make it superb, you need to purchase any specific HDMI conversion cables, and the second thing is you can use it anywhere you want. Apart from this, the Chromecast enables you to set Guest Mode features that are superior for presentation and more.

As the Chromecast launch, it gets popularity and compatibility. Here you will learn about the cast content from the Laptop or PC to Chromecast device.

How to set up the Chromecast and PC

To make the proper settings, you don’t need any expensive equipment. The thing required a web browser, extension, and fast Wi-Fi connection. 

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What Extensions and Browsers do you need for using a PC with a Chromecast

You can do it very simply from Google Chrome, as Chromecast is also a Google device. You can also use any other browser you want.

If you are already a Chrome user, click on the menu icon in the upper right-hand corner. Click on the menu icon. There will be vertical dots and an arrow icon depending on the updated browser. Now right click on Cast.

Now, the cast button will be there permanently in the upper right-hand corner of the chrome.

Chromecast Setup

Once you have done and the cast button is ready to go, now check the internet connection. To set the PC and Laptop with Chromecast device, connect them both on the same Wi-Fi connection because most of the router provides multiple bands, So both devices should be connected to either the 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz band. To join the new network, forget the existing network.

Now connect the PC and Laptop to the same network as usual. This process will save you from frustration and connectivity issues.  

How to Use Chromecast on Laptop or PC

The process is the same for services like Spotify and Netflix as on tablets or phones. You need to click on the Cast button as mentioned above. Although there is no cast compatibility within the video player, your Chromecast still watch the videos in several ways.

The first and straightforward method is to stream a tab from the Chrome internet browser.

How to do it:

Open the Chrome browser and from the Chrome Web Store install the Google Cast extension.

For Chromecast Laptop to TV, tap on the Google Cast button to the right of the address bar and choose the Chromecast from the list. Tab will show now on the TV.

You can cast from another tab when you want by clicking the Cast extension, choosing the Cast this tab, and finishing it by selecting the Stop casting.

You can store a video file on your Laptop and PC, drag it onto the Chrome tab and click on the full-screen icon on the video player to fill the TV screen.

As the process is completed, mirroring begins. Now everything has been done, and the content will automatically display.

The computer won’t connect with Chromecast

If the Chromecast does not appear on the computer, it can be due to an Internet connection or any fault in the device.

To fix the error, use the Google Home App and the computer’s network button to check both devices are connected with the same connection. This may set all the issues from a device not showing to a pairing failed type of error.

If the error is still there, just reset the router. Depends on the manufacturer of the router, there will be a small pinhole reset the icon. If you fix it with an earring to push and hold the icon for 10 to 15 seconds, the router will reset and reconnect.

The Chromecast wouldn’t turn on without power, but if a Laptop and PC are not connected with the device, check the wired connection and make sure the Chromecast is power on. 

Chromecasts From Laptop

If you are using WI-Fi or any latest model of Computer, You can connect the Chromecast from the Laptop without any issue. This is a simple process, and within few minutes, you can do it. So connect it and enjoy streaming on a Laptop or PC and Chromecast device

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