Human Rights Issues – US Blacklists 8 Chinese Tech Companies 

Human Rights - US Blacklists 8 Chinese Companies

According to Cnet, the US Commerce Department had placed Chinese tech companies over the human rights violations. The move come into place over the violations against the Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities in the country. Some of the names including Zhejiang Dahua Technology, IFLYTEK, Xiamen Meiya Pico Information, Yixin Science Technology are blacklisted by the US authorities.

According to the US State Department, the move came after contradiction of these companies with the US foreign policy interests.

After the ban on these companies, all the US based companies are supposed to take prior permission from the US government before doing any business with the blacklisted names.

In a similar move, in June 2019 the US government had also banned the well known smartphone giant, Huawei and four other companies over the security concerns.

With inputs from CNet and Techcrunch

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