Laptop Deals in Pakistan – Buy The Best Laptops at Cheap Price

Laptop Deals in Pakistan

Owning a personal computer has become a necessity in this digital world. More so, laptops are the leading electronic devices when it comes to computing. They’re both portable and efficient to help you get the most of your day. 

But, as computing powers see a major spike and advancements are popping up here and there. It’s not possible that the prices of these godly electronics shoot up. In this era of inflation and challenging times, how can one keep up with needs? Go for the Laptop price in Pakistan.

Pakistan is home to some of the best retailers with a customer-centric approach. These businesses and retailers provide great sales on many electronic appliances, the laptop being just one. So, without further chatter, let’s take a look at some of the best retailers with the cheapest laptops in the market right now: 

Best Laptop Deals in Pakistan: 


It’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of Daraz until now. Daraz is one of the largest e-commerce platforms to date in Pakistan. Soon after its merger with AliExpress, it has expanded its services and aims to be even bigger. 

Keeping this mindset of growth in mind, the platform offers several incentives to its users. There are hundreds of sales, both timely and flash sales, which you can take advantage of to get yourself a new laptop. 

So, whether you’re a new student wanting to get a brand new laptop or a professional wanting to upgrade your experience, it’s high time you went for Daraz. With just a quick look at Daraz’s website, I was amazed at the prices those laptops are available. An HP Elitebook with amazing specs at just 35,000 Rs! Would you believe my word for it? Go take a look for yourself, and you won’t be disappointed. 


Telemart is yet another excellent eCommerce platform for all sorts of electronics, appliances, and other stuff. Although it’s most commonly known for storing high-end products, laptops, and smartphones, it has swooped in to capture other markets as well. 

If you take a look at Telemart’s website, there’s a separate portion for Weekly deals. Swipe right to these deals, and you’re in for a great smile on your face (I surely bounced in happiness). Smartphones, laptops, accessories, literally everything’s on sale there. Did I forget to mention the percentage? Well, it’s up to 80 PERCENT OFF! 

Though laptops are less likely to be that cheap, you can still get a new laptop at cheaper rates. Most laptop providers don’t go for such cheap sales. Telemart is an exception, and I feel you should give them a thorough look.


Although PakLap is just a shop in Lahore and Karachi, it might can’t be challenged. This shop has a great website to assist its users throughout Pakistan. So, one thing’s for sure, wherever you reside, this website can assist you in buying a new gig perfectly. 

If you head over to PakLap and take a look, you might come across a separate tab for Sales, or maybe it’s titled “Daily Deals.” Well, well. Now’s your time to finally head over and unlock the door to some amazing deals to get a great laptop. 

Although you might find that most products are sort of high-end, you can take a look around to find economical options as well. However, slashed prices on the products cut about 20% of the initial cost. If you ask me, that’s pretty generous and one of the best offers you could come across.


iShopping is another eCommerce website you can make use of to buy yourself some amazing accessories. Just like other eCommerce stores, they have everything from brand new laptops to some high-end computing devices. So, whatever you’re up for, they can help you get the right thing. 

As far as the deals are concerned, iShopping has normal deals that are hidden amongst normal items. So, I randomly came across an HP Probook that’s sold at 25,000, where it’s original cost was 35,000. You can imagine that’s a great discount. 

Wait, wait… That’s not where their sales end. They also have a separate portion for clearance sales. Luckily, they have a separate tab for Laptops in there as well. Head on to that portion, and I came across one of the most beautiful (yes, laptops signify beauty too people!) laptops EVER. Those were Alienware gigs built with hardcore gaming in mind. Gaming fam, this is where it ends. If you’ve been wanting an Alienware laptop, maybe now’s the time? Head on over to iShopping!


ComputerZone, or most commonly called CZone in Karachi, is a great option if you’re going for trusted retailers to buy a laptop. It doesn’t get any better than CZone. Although the products might be slightly overpriced, you can trust them to get you the right thing in the first place. 

Although they don’t have laptop deals per se, you can take a look at their website and try to find products you like. For example, I came across an HP Notebook whose price has been slashed to 51,000 from 57,000. Although this might sound small it’s a great price for a student or someone just starting out. 

So, take a look at CZone, and you can find used laptops or brand new systems as well. If the sale is not your preference, this website might just win my vote for the best service! Conclusion The sales I’ve mentioned are just random ones. Wait up for a big event or festival to come up, and you’re in for a great treat. Not to mention, Black Friday is right around the corner, and Daraz and the likes celebrate it with a zing. 

However, with this list in your possession, you can either wait up or get a laptop as soon as you can. All up to you! One thing’s for sure; these sales are not going to die away as almost everyone needs a little discount voucher to feel motivated to get a purchase done. 

Happy hunting for laptops, my friends… 

I’ll be signing off. 

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