Top Boxing Kodi Addons for Free Streaming

Boxing Kodi Addons

Kodi is one of the best platforms that offer live-stream sports for free. But, sometimes, you may find it hard to find valuable and working add-ons. Sports add-ons have many issues, including copyright authorities, not updating, ISP’s targets, and being discontinued or abandoned problems. Here, we will discuss the Best Boxing Kodi Addons list.   

How to Watch Boxing on Kodi

However, if you want to live and on-demand to watch boxing or sports on Kodi, you can install the correct and proper add-ons. Here are the most popular and latest Kodi boxing add-ons.


If you have a cable or OTT subscription that includes ESPN, you can add a fantastic add-on called ESPN 3, which requires existing credentials to allow you to stream premium-priced ESPN channels.

This add-on includes ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNews, ESPN Deports, SEC, ESPN3, SECPlus, and more. It provides the functionalities of replay.

You can watch boxing on various ESPN channels with the highly valuable add-on. Also, ESPN3 offers video quality up to HD, which applies to live TV channels. So it provides a higher quality picture than the cable provider.    

NBC Sports Live Extra

It’s been a long that NBC was home to high-profile boxing matches and one of the best sports-oriented channels. Although Despite that, DAZN took over some of its broadcasting rights. Hence, we recommend boxing lovers add other sports for the latest boxing-related news.

NBC Sports Live Extra is the home of several NFL and Premier League games, NASCAR races, golf tournaments, and many more. It also has apps for other platforms where you stay on top of the latest news with this Best Boxing Kodi Add-on.


Sports Devil

Sports Devil is the famous Kodi add-on for free boxing streams, live sporting events, and boxing replays on Kodi. The ultimate Kodi all-in-one sports addon provides IPTV HD sports streaming.  Sports Devil is the best boxing addon for Kodi of all time.

Even Sports Devil links are not working; it does not matter as other best Kodi sports add-ons in the list require it as a dependency for its particular function. If the links do not work correctly, check if the VPN is appropriately connected through the geographical region you can watch.

How to Install SportsDevil Kodi


Sporting is the newest add-on available in the Cy4Root Repository. It provides various HD sports streams like Sports Devil, All Sports Replays, Sports Tube, Sports- fitness, Sports Channels1, and Sports Channels2. You can watch boxing online for free and more. Sport Zig is the final Kodi all-in-one add-on for various sports fans. 

Even if Sport Zig links are not working directly, other streams depend on Sport Zig links. If the links do not work, connect the VPN to the geographical region where the broadcast is desired.

Tv Tap


Tap is in one Kodi add-on that provides hundreds of channels freely available online. You will find everything sports-related here, like NFL, NHL, MBA, Boxing, WWE, Tennis, and free live-stream boxing, all from the rest of the world. It is a third-party all-in-one Kodi addon on the Cy4Root repository, and its main focus is live sports. You can access hundreds of international TV channels on TV

Tap anytime.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is the official add-on that can be retrieved with the Kodi repository under the {iPlayer-WWW. The add-on provides an examination of BBC’s player content from within Kodi. Its principal is to provide smooth functionality to the users.

BBC iPlayer provides various sports programs for free throughout the year. You can watch games like tennis, boxing, Super Bowl, women’s football, and many more. However, iPlayer’s content is available in the UK only, so you can use a good VPN if you are out of the geography.


DAZN is likely the most popular sports add-on. It is not only an add-on; instead, it acts as a search engine. It is the most used add-on to get the links.

You can use Sports Devil to enjoy all sports, from watching live sports to on-demand content. You might not get this add-on quickly at once, but you can still manage your favorite matches.

Sport HD

Sport HD is devoted to the sports Kodi add-on found on the Bugatshinho Repository on GitHub, pulling streams from and other websites. The main menu comprises Live Events, Sports, and the Best Leagues.

The live events section provides upcoming events and links presented before events start. This is the best place with organized content and league sections.

How to Install Sport HD Addon on Kodi

Fight Club

Fight Club is dedicated to all fighting action. The add-on provides on-demand sports or lives from competitions, such as wrestling, UFC, MMA, and others. You can watch other fight-related shows like Total Divas, Ultimate Fighter Series, etc.

Everything is organized, allowing easy navigation, so you should not waste time searching for sports or series. Fight Club is the must-have add-on if you are a fan of WWE or UFC.

Rising Tides

Rising Tides is an exclusive sports add-on that provides streams for more than 15 genres. They are well organized for easy navigation. The categories include football highlights, Sports Channels, Live PPV boxing on Kodi, Soccer, and extra live content.

This offers many IPTV channels worldwide that you can access anytime. They make it easier by providing direct links for games or events, which is available 5 min before the event starts. 

How to Install Rising Tides Addon

Saddo Boxing

Saddo boxing is your add-on if you are not looking for many live events. It includes short boxing clips and commentary from various popular sources. So, you analyze the most significant and recent matches within a few minutes of screen time. Sometimes, Saddo Boxing becomes unreliable, and the stream does not start, so try again.

Sports Angel

Sports Angel provides tons of high-quality sports and IPTV content for free over the internet. You can watch TSN, Sky Sports, Bein, and more in high quality through Sports Angel. You can choose wrestling and UFC categories.

Alpha Quadrant

A multi-purpose new sports add-on unique to Diamond Wizard Repo is known as Alpha Quadrant. It includes IPTVs, TV-Tap, World TV, Fighting Sports, and more. You can also watch replays of UFC, Boxing, and female mud wrestling.


NuMb3r5 is the latest movie and shows an add-on from CellarDoorTv Repo. Here, you can access UFC classification and catch up on missed UFC events with its complete playlist of UFC.

Also, you can anticipate the upcoming UFC events too. You can also get access to other events like UFC on ESPN, ONE Championship, Cage Warriors, Boxing Fights, and others. 


Wrestlers are the add-on that provides fighting streams. It offers various links to events like wrestling legends, wrestling playlists, wrestling channels, 20+ episodes and kickoffs, event archives, and more wrestling shows. It is found in the Butterfingers repository.


DejaVu add-on is found on the DejaVu repository as an all-in-one video add-on. It provides various content-rich programs like WWE, AEW, UFC, Boxing, and many more. DejaVu has recently been providing the best quality popular sports events like WWE Friday Night, AEW Dynamite, Cyber Monday Night, smackdown, and more.

Johki’s Wrestling (best boxing Kodi addon)

Johki’s Wrestling is the latest Wrestling and MMA, and Boxee Kodi add-on available on the final Kodi repository. It provides all the streams in HD quality and recommends the top playlist. You can access AWE, Glory UFC, Bellator, RAW, live sports TV, Swift Streamz, and more.


Kodi media is evolving and becoming better every day. Because of free and easy installation add-ons, Kodi has become a valuable media centre. Kodi has come a long way, and every year is getting better. But relying on Kodi only for your favourite sports may be challenging. Kodi Boxing add-ons come and go, and it is pretty tricky to rely only on reliable sports and IPTV add-ons. So use these Best Boxing Kodi Addons and unlimited sports events. 

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