How to Fix Minecraft Villagers not Breeding Issue

Minecraft Villagers not Breeding Easy Fix

Villagers are a great option in Minecraft. Villagers can use it to create various Emeralds to create an efficient Iron Golem farm for infinite iron in your world. It can be a difficult task for new users or old users. Although it is a simple process but not easy always, you have to face many of the little issues that can happen to hold you back. If you face Minecraft villagers, not breeding issues, these simple steps will help you.

How to Fix Villagers Not Breeding In Minecraft?

There are just five things that your villagers start breeding. When you have fixed all these, you will have a baby villager by any means in a matter of seconds.

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Do They Have Proper Food?

Food is the primary resource to fulfill the need of your villagers and keep them happy because the basic need of the people is enough food. In Minecraft, the same thing is here. If you provide enough food to your villagers, they are far more likely to breed. In this single direction, Minecraft is, in reality, beautiful and practical.

Suppose you want to get better results than provide enough foods, like carrots, tomatoes, and fruits from the village. If you offer them the best food quantity, you get a baby villager born soon.

Do They Have a Bed?

The essential thing in Minecraft that you make sure is your villagers have enough beds.

You have to provide beds according to villagers; for example, for 15 villagers, you have to give them the same place. If you offer them only one bed, there will be zero chances to breed them.

You have to provide one bed for two villagers if you want to take more advantage and keep the beds in separate houses or separate rooms for each couple.

Do They Have a Little Privacy?

Privacy is also an essential element of this game, which you forget often. It is an excellent chance to breed the villagers that you never thought of it.

The secret is that if some villagers already have got a baby, they will never breed for a new baby villager unless you shift the baby into a separate room from the couple.

As you can keep the baby villagers away from the couples, you will have many babies as you can.

Are They in Mating Mode?

This is the essential section of the process; whether your villagers are in matting mode or not, it matters a lot. If you don’t know the signs of matting mode, don’t worry. It is simple.

When the villagers are in the matting mode, a sign of heart will appear above their heads. All villagers will possibly breed when they are in this state, so watch out for those hearts.

In this way, when two villagers give these indications, you should keep them together. After it, it is just a time matter before there will be new villagers in your tribe.

Do They Have Willingness?

The users who have been playing Minecraft for some time may not know about this, as Willingness is the latest update in the Minecraft game.

Although it’s a new but significant update, For instance, you could have every condition above dealt with, and it will not mean anything except if your villagers are willing. So how can it work?

So if you provide everything mentioned above, you will not face any Minecraft villagers not breeding error.

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