When Mauro Camoranesi Ruined Another Footballer’s Career

Mauro Camoranesi

Mauro Camoranesi is probably most remembered because he was part of the Italian squad that won the 2006 FIFA World Cup. The secure bet company 1xBet also features all matches from this competition.

However, the career of the Italian player also had a much darker chapter. This happened on the 14th of August 1994 in a match between Aldosivi and Alvarado from the Argentinian league. It is worth noting that these two teams are the protagonists of the so-called “forbidden derby.” Matches between them are not allowed due to the violent episodes surrounding them. The secure 1xBet bet company can also be used to wager on all matches of these two teams.

Meet Javier Pizzo

Javier Pizzo was a left-back that played for Alvarado that year. During that match, he got a criminal foul from Camoranesi. In fact, he was left on the ground with a huge pain in his leg. It was quite obvious that he had just suffered a horrific injury. You can now try 1xBet app iOS in order to wager on all contests from the Argentinian league.

Pizzo was taken to a hospital, but the diagnosis was devastating. He suffered damage to many structures of his knee, including:

  •  ligaments
  •  muscles
  •  tendons
  •  and even a nerve.

Many years later, Pizzo stated that he already knew his career was over. He was 27 years old at the time. Don’t forget to try the 1xBet app for iOS to wager on all kinds of football matches from your iPad and iPhone gadgets.

A New Beginning

Pizzo understood that he immediately needed to find a new profession in his life. He stated that he always liked to read books. For this reason, in a relatively short time after the injury, he decided to study to become a lawyer. However, things didn’t end there for Camoranesi, who, years later, moved to Juventus. The casino available at https://www.1xbet.com/en/casino is an excellent destination that can be visited before the next game of the Vecchia Signora.

Javier Pizzo became a highly successful lawyer. However, one of the first things he attempted to do was to get compensation from Camoranesi. According to the now-lawyer, the FIFA World Cup champion never even apologized. He built a successful case based on lots of evidence, including footage from the match. A judge sentenced Camoranesi’s criminal foul to be intentional, so the Italian was sentenced to pay 200 thousand dollars in damages.

This money didn’t return Pizzo to a football field. However, he felt that justice was done. Speaking about football fields, the 1xBet platform is a fantastic website to wager on matches in different venues worldwide.

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