How to get an Empyreum house in FFXIV?

How to get an Empyreum house in FFXIV?

FFXIV is a popular massive role-playing game and the fourteenth installment of the Final Fantasy Series. It features advanced level-based combat where you defeat bosses on the game map to earn items and experience points. Five different player classes are available in the game, and you can select one at the start. The classes are further divided into tribes. 

The game map is beautifully designed and features three different districts. It has been almost two years since players got the first news about the Ishgard housing in Final Fantasy XIV, and there was not much afterward. But now, it is finally completed and will be released in the 6.1 patches of FFXIV. Earlier, getting yourself a house in the game was a difficult task, but this housing update will solve those problems. 

This article features detailed information about Ishgard housing and how you can get the Ishgard Empyreum House in FFXIV. For most players, these items are a pretty big deal, especially when it comes to buying and furnishing a house. You need a lot of FFXIV Gil, patience, and strategic gameplay to secure a deal for your dream house. Let’s start with tips about how you can get How to get an Empyreum house in FFXIV. 

Tips to get a house in FFXIV 

Before you purchase your dream house, you have to meet a few requirements. There is a whole checklist that needs to be ticked. Old players will have most of these checklists checked. Small, medium and large size plots are available in the game. Below are all rules that you have to follow to purchase a house. 

  • Have to purchase Heavensward Expansion
  • Have visited Ishgard and the area
  • For a free company plot, you need to be in that company for a minimum of thirty days
  • Have FFXIV Gil purchase the desired size plot
  • Second lieutenant or higher rank for private estates
  • Permission from Free company for company house
  • Minimum of four members in Free Company
  • Rank six or higher free company 

You can purchase a house on your home Final Fantasy XIV server only, so don’t visit currency while being on other servers. Various wards are available for players of all kinds. For those who want to buy a free company plot, they have to go from ward one to ward eighteen, while private plot buyers should go from plot nineteen to plot twenty-four. 

How many houses are there in FFXIV?

A single ward features thirty plots, and you can easily count the number of plots available on each server from this number. Six wards and six sub-wards are available on the server. This means there are a total of three hundred and sixty plots on each server in these wards. This number is for private estates only, while free company plots are increased from thirty hundred and sixty to one thousand for each server. 

How does the lottery system work in FFXIV?

There is a lottery system for those who want to buy a house in FFXIV. You start with picking the dream house and enrolling in the lottery. There is a five-day waiting time, so more players can take part in the lottery. On the sixth day, the lottery will take place, and the winner will be announced. 

Winners have four days to claim their house, after which it will be added to the lottery system again. Make sure that you have enough money to pay the price of the house when taking place in the lottery. In case you don’t win the lottery, you can get the amount back after the lottery ends. 

Those who don’t claim the house even after winning the lottery will lose fifty percent of the total deposit. The average prices for small private houses are four million Gil while it can go up to fifty million for large houses.  

How to get the Ishgard Empyreum house?

To unlock the Ishgard Empyreum house in FFXIV, you have to go to the Foundation Aetheryte Plaza (X:9.9, Y:11.8) and meet Gondelimbaud there. Take the “Ascending to Empyreum” quest from him and work on completing it first. 

You have to go to various locations in Final Fantasy XIV to get this house. After taking the quest, go to Brume (X:14.2, Y:12.5) and meet Thomelin there. He will share detailed information about the Empyreum, which is crucial for your future. Afterward, enter the marked area. Enjoy the cutscene, which also makes you familiar with the area. 

The final quest requires you to go to (X: 11.6, Y: 14.4) and meet Highmorn Herald there. She will share detailed information about how the housing system works in FFXIV. After the introduction ends, meet Gondelimbaud again to complete the quest. After this quest, you can go to the desired ward and put your name in the lottery to buy the house. Follow these steps to buy the Empyreum house. 

  • Select Aetheryte from the foundation
  • Selected the desired residential district
  • Select the desired housing ward according to your needs
  • Check the price of the house 
  • Go to the ward and find your plot
  • Tap on the placard next to the plot to enter your name in the lottery
  • Check the mail for the lottery notification and claim the plot or the amount after the lottery ends

Is any alternative to the lottery system available?

In the previous version of Final Fantasy XIV, a “first come, first served” system was available until the lottery system was implemented. This system isn’t totally abandoned by the developers of the game. Some individual wards are still available on the old buying system. 

Some servers will also work on the previous version of the system. All the upcoming plots will be sold through the lottery system. So yes, there is an alternative to the lottery system, but you have to sacrifice a lot of things. MMOpixel features in-game items and currencies of MMORPGs and other popular games. 

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