How to Fix SKYUI Error Code 1

How to Fix SKYUI Error Code 1

Skyrim players face an error SKYUI Error Code 1; they face it when they have installed and attempt to launch the Skyrim Script Extender. SKSE is an extensive mod program used for modding that is not meant for the average user.

SKSE is not ultimately launched, so with any update released for Skyrim via Stream, and users face such errors. The error caused two main points. If there is some issue with executable SKSE64 or you are not performing the installation correctly.

Causes of ‘SKYUI Error Code 1’ while launching Skyrim via SKSE?


This error message is ubiquitous in various users and occurs without any solid reason. Here below are some reasons for skyui error code 1 skse64 but not limited to:

  1. To run the SKSE, you need to launch it using administrator privileges. Because the program mods to the Skyrim game existing in the system, and some actions it performs need elevation.
  2. There might be any mistake in SKSE installation, as it is a particular task for that you have to follow all the steps as it is. If you miss any step, you will face the error message.

Before going to any solution, make sure that your installation process is correct and updated to the latest build from the Stream. You should be logged in on your system as an administrator.

How to Fix SKYUI Error Code 1

Run the SKSE64 as an Administrator

To install the SKSE correctly on your PC, need administrator access. Moreover, it also requires elevation when it launches, and technically it is running top of Skyrim on Steam; for this, you need more permission than a normal application.

  • From the directory, right-click on the SKSE64, then tap on Properties.
  • Choose the tab compatibility, then check the option Run this program as an administrator.

skyui error

  • Tap on Apply to save the changes and exit. Now try to launch the application and check the error message status.

How to Install SKSE properly

If the SKSE is not installed correctly on your system, you can face this error message. If some modules or files are missing in SKSE, you cannot launch it. This case will show the common error ‘SKYUI Error Code 1’. You can SKSE install correctly on your system by applying these two simple methods.

Installing SKSE Manually

This is very simple: you can easily apply and install SKSE on your system. Follow these lines.

  • Download the SKSE from its official website.
  • Extract the contents and save them in an accessible location. Now open both SKSE64_2_00_04 folder and second SKSE64_2_00_04 folder.
  • Now highlight the following files, which you can see in the image above.


  • Copy these files and paste them into the SSE game folder. This folder is existing at the mentioned path:


(X) is the driver the Steam is installed here.

  • Now go to the Scripts folder existing in SKSE64_2_00_04 folder (Not Data folder inside the Skyrim special edition). Once you are inside the Scripts folder, highlight all the.PEX files and copy them.
  • In the game’s script folder paste copied folder. This folder is located in the directory where (X) is the directory and Steam installed.
  • In the game folder, right-click on exe and choose the Send to > Desktop (Shortcut). This can use to launch the game.

Install SKSE Using Mod Manager

  • Download SKSE from the official website.
  • Open SKSE64_2_00_04 folder and go into Data. Here you will see the Scripts. Right-click on it and create an archive. For this, you can use any available archiving software on the internet.

skyui error code 1

  • Now rename the created archive to “SKSE Scripts” or according to your choice.
  • Now install the archive using the manager you are using for modding. This method works well with Vortex, WB or MO2. When you want to update it, simply uncheck the present skse-scripts archive with the new version.

When installing the archive, make a shortcut to SKSE64loader.exe to start the game. For MO2 users, already the loader is recognized in it. To get the SKSE binary, the WB users use the shortcut by copying it from the Apps folder in the MOPY directory.

These are two simple methods used to install SKSE on Skyrim correctly. Applying the Mod Manager method will be easy and create fewer issues for you if you apply the Mod Manager method.

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