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How to Watch Live HBO on Kodi – Best HBO Kodi Addon 2021

HBO is a leading TV channel in the world with unlimited content. It offers different types of best content under its belt. HBO offers you to stream the wanted content, Movies, TV Shows or anything to learn about an exciting topic; all is here with HBO.

Most users use it to watch movies, but this is also the best place to watch sports events like NHL, HBO boxing Kodi, UFC, NFL, and several other sports events.

If we talk about the quality content and many TV Shows, then HBO is the prior choice for TV fans. Its content is of the best quality more than other channels.


The Best HBO Series Ranks all Time

  • Exterminate All the Brutes”
  • Mare of Easttown
  • The Other Two
  • The Nevers
  • A Black Lady Sketch Show
  • Our Towns
  • Made for Love”
  • Mildred Pierce”
  • Allen v. Farrow
  • The Outsider
  • Q: Into the Storm
  • Beartown
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
  • Tina
  • Generation
  • Little Britain, the USA
  • Entourage

Along with this long list of TV Shows, you can get many more on HBO. Using the premium version of HBO, you can watch MMA, Football, UFC, WWE and much other content.

Although HBO having the same quality features, there is also a drawback you have to face by using HBO. The first one is its accessibility on the cross platforms. You can stream HBO on the TV set, but for using it on a smartphone or any other device, you have to use any alternative or pay a cost for it.

But there is an easy solution to watch HBO on any of the devices apart from the TV set; if you use HBO with Kodi, you can use it other than TV. With Kodi, you can watch free HBO on Kodi and on different devices also.

All is here about to watch HBO, HBO goes on Kodi, HBO Now. Here are some HBO Kodi Addons. Install and enjoy your favourite content.

Top Kodi HBO Addon in 2021


HGo Eu is Kodi official addon. By using this addon, you can get free access to HBO and HBO Go EU content. The Kodi team does not develop this addon, but it could find on the official repository of Kodi. Using the HGo EU addon, you can watch the content to HBO from different regions like Sweden, Romania, Slovenija, Denmark and more.

How to Install HGo EU on Kodi

  • First Open Kodi
  • Select Add-ons from the home screen
  • Download
  • Video Add-ons
  • HGO EU
  • Install


SportsDevil is the priority of Kodi lovers because it offers all one container. This is a fantastic Kodi addon that you can use to watch free Live TV channels free without any doubt.

It has a massive library of TV Channels around the whole region. The main category of this addon is sports, but it also offers many TV categories. With this addon, you can watch the TV channels in France, UK, Germany, USA and Italy.

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The second best HBO addon is the HBO Max. When you want to find Live TV Channels, then HBO Max is the favoured method.

HBO Max Kodi addon can be used on major operating systems and other devices like Apple TV, Samsung TV, Android phone, tablet and television. If you are using Kodi on your device, install the HBO Max, it is so simple and easy.

With this addon, you can watch different TV Channels and categories for on-demand Movies, Sports, TV Shows, entertainment, news and HBO content.

Xumo TV

It is the best HBO Kodi Addon to watch Live Tv as it offers superb services. It is a famous and most used streaming app that allows you to watch on-demand videos and Live TV Channels. Xumo TV is a free streaming network, and you can legally watch your wanted TV channels.

The channels consist here of NBC News, HBO, Fox Sports and more. Primary Xumo TV can get access only in the USA, but VPN can be accessed from all the regions. Xumo TV can be used on Android, Firestick, iOS and Roku.

Pluto TV is the most used Live TV content offers on Kodi. It provides well-known TV channels like HBO, Sky News, BBC, CNN, MTV, NFL and much more. It is a legally streaming network and can be found on the official repository of Kodi. It is effortless to use, and you don’t need to sign up or register. It can be used on cress platforms.

How to Install Pluto TV on Kodi

  • First Open Kodi
  • Select Add-ons from the home screen
  • Download
  • Video Add-ons
  • HGO EU
  • Now Install Pluto TV

Why Install HBO Add-on on Kodi 2021?

If you install the Kodi HBO addon, you can get free access to HBO from any region you want. Just install it on Kodi and enjoy your favourite streaming of TV Shows, Movies, Sports and much more from the world.


By following the guidelines about HBO addons, you can watch many other relevant TV channels. If you are already using Kodi, then you might be aware that every addon offers different sections. If you want to watch HBO, you can also watch many other categories in every addon for TV Shows, Movies, sports, and more.

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