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Stop Kodi Buffering by Fix Kodi Buffering Issues

Fix kodi buffering issue

 Are you a regular Kodi user and irritating with Kodi buffering?  Kodi buffering is now not a big issue, and there are ways to stop Kodi buffering. Here are three easy tips for quick Fix kodi buffering issues during the installation.

While facing buffering during your favourite content, it isn’t delightful, and you spend the most time waiting. But these 3 Kodi buffering fixes resolve your installation problem.

Although the streaming add-on buffering creates a problem, some fixes can help you stop Kodi buffering or lower this problem.

Why Does Kodi Buffer

There can be different reasons for Kodi buffering; I mentioned some of them below. If you are facing buffering issues due to these problems, you can resolve them quickly.

  1. Network connectivity Problem
  2. Slow Internet speed
  3. Network congestion at the source
  4. Limited bandwidth from the streaming source
  5. Kodi cache settings not optimized
  6. Internet Service provider’s internet speed throttling

You can face buffering problems with any addon or streaming. But the biggest problem you must face when using any third-party add-ons such as Incursion, Covenant and legal add-ons can create this problem.

How to Fix Buffering Issues on Kodi

If you want to resolve the Kodi buffering problems, then you have to investigate these issues.

  1. Make sure the internet speed is good
  2. The internet speed is good enough for the site you are using
  3. If there is any speed issue, then select the lower streaming quality
  4. Ensure the streaming source is appropriately running and up
  5. Check if there is any server issue
  6. Install a new Kodi version
  7. Clear the Kodi streaming cache
  8. Check the Internet Service provider’s Internet speed throttling
  9. Try different streaming add-ons
  10. If detected any throttling problem, then use a VPN

Know in detail how to get Kodi to stop buffering

Slow Internet Speed

  • For fast streaming, you need a fast internet connection. You need the following steps to stream the content.
  • A required internet speed- 0.5 Megabits per second
  • Required broadband connection speed – 1.5 Megabits per second
  • For HD quality, internet speed required – 5.0 Megabits per second
  • For SD quality, you need – 3.0 Megabits per second
  • If you want Ultra HD quality, then require – 25 Megabits per second

More users accessing one streaming source will decrease the speed, resulting in buffering issues.

If you want to stream the content with Kodi, you need a 5 Mbps connection. This can give you some relaxation in the situation of alarming internet speed. With a slow internet connection, you must face interruptions during HD-quality streaming.

Internet connectivity problems

Your internet speed is 5.0Mbps. If you are facing the buffering issue, check the internet speed test for the numbers. With the best speed and according to the above values, there can be these issues.

If you use wireless internet, move the device near the wireless router. It might be you are losing the signal integrity. The Wired connection may resolve your buffering problem as the wired connection will reduce the problems along with low signal integrity that is due to away from the router. It provides you with a fast connection. In this way, the setup will be tethered in one place.

If more devices are connected, then make sure to close them that are using the bandwidth. When you approach other devices, then Kodi will not slow.

If there is no internet issue, then the guidelines below will help you.

Most common Kodi Buffering Issue: Video Cache

As Kodi users know, often, Kodi buffering while a small video cache or full video cache results. The Kodi buffering issue can be resolved by following these tips.

  1. To adjust the cache setting, use the Wizard, like Ares or Indigo Wizard.
  2. To cache the old files, also use a Wizard
  3. Stream the video on the same site to check the new settings
  4. Till the buffering ends, adjust and clear the cache
  5. After the cache clearance, if you are still facing the problem, then find out other causes

You can download half of the part of the video instead of a complete video. You can save the half interest in intermediate storage called a cache. If you face any internet problem, a streaming video will freeze after the part of the saved video in the cache is played from start to end. If you keep a tape for buffering and pause it, then only some seconds of the video will load. It can be due to a small cache.

If you want to play a video without buffering from start to end, the stored part of the video must stay ahead of the video part already playback. You can ease more videos by increasing the cache size for your device’s RAM.

Using Kodi, it is to optimize the cache settings to fix the buffering problems.

Here, you can learn how to fix cache settings with an addon

Optimize cache settings with Supreme Build Wizard and Ares Wizard

How to install SGWizard Builds on Kodi 19 Matrix

  1. add “areswizard.co.uk” to the source in the File Mange and suggest a wanted name
  2. Navigate to Add-ons>Add-on browser>Install from the zip file, and after the head, open the folder named
  3. Now select the script.areswizard-XXXXX.zip and wait till the addon installed notification is received
  4. In the Addons>Program add-ons, open the Ares Wizard to start it.

During the cache setting with Ares Wizard, select Tweaks by following the Advanced Settings Wizard and provide guidelines and prompts. Ares Wizard will inform you of the following points.

  • You can get the best cache settings according to Kodi’s device.
  • The best cache location is the RAM of the device.
  • By default, Kodi uses 60MB of RAM.

The Wizard will create custom settings for the available device by clicking Next in Advanced Settings.

Now click the Generate Settings to review the recommended settings.

Now select the Apply these settings and restart the Kodi to apply the changes.

In the same way mentioned above, you can use the Supreme Builds Wizard. You can install the Wizard by clicking this link.

Tip 2: Fix the HQ scaler

This fix is just for video stuttering and frame dropping that can show to be buffering. It is not for too much buffering.

To adjust the HQ scaling, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the main Kodi menu and tap on Settings at the top left of the gear symbol.

2. Tap on player settings

3. At the bottom of the gear icon, ensure the settings option is set to Expert

4. On the right side, under the processing, find out “Enable HQ scalers for scaling above”. This is set to 20% by default. But it can be lowered by reducing the amount of scaling which occurs. You can reduce the 10% and check how that effect frame dropped and stuttered. If there is no need to fix it, you can reduce it to 0%.

To stream 720p or lower in high quality, you must set the HQ scaler on a certain percentage, with 20% being the optimal setting.

You may also close the Hardware Acceleration, which can be there below the option of HQ scalers in the settings screen. From the CPU to the GPU, the Direct X accelerator will send some video decoding process. Start this on and off to impact the stuttering, and the frame rate drops positively.

This setting is helpful only with lower-powered systems. You don’t need this setting if you have a high-powered system.

Tip 3. Use VPN to Protect from ISP Blocking

 The local ISP has blocked many websites in different regions, so the buffering issue and low-quality video occur. If you want to fix the buffering problem of Kodi in the areas where websites are blocked, you should use a Kodi-recommended VPN.

Why should you use a VPN to stop buffering issues? A VPN with a Kodi screen helps you encrypt the screen data and push it via the server from a different location in an ideal way. This way, the VPN prevents the ISP from throttling data and improves the Kodi speed. The VPN or IPVanish can be used for browsing on Kodi.

Although you will see many VPNs not all working equally, IPVanish is the best choice for excellent protection it can use with Kodi. It is a fantastic internet privacy provider during streaming and keeps the IP secured. It is also the best option to protect your data. IPVanish is best to protect the data from online data stealers.

Additional options on Kodi Buffering may require new equipment

If you have applied all the above tips about how to stop buffering on Kodi and are still facing the buffering issue, there can be a hardware compatibility issue with your device.

The slow system with many Kodi build and addons installed can slow down the system and cause buffering issues. In this situation, remove the new add-ons, look for Kodi forks, and make fast streaming.

In this situation, you may use some of the alternatives to Kodi. You may use some video streaming apps from the Apple App Store and Play Store. You can also get some other options for Firestick, Android TV and mobile.

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