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halo infinite weapons

The best Halo infinite weapons list cannot be quite as expansive as other shooters, but it is most varied. You will find unique and featured snappy weapons in Halo, and this has only remained the same along with Halo Infinite Multiplayer. It is confusing when considering some multiplayer weapons, and their effects vary widely. A rundown can be required. So here is a list of the best Halo Infinite weapons according to newcomers in-game and old guns of classic Halo.

New Halo Infinite Weapons List and Guns

halo weapons


The Disruptor is a quick-firing gun dealing with shock harm. While weak against the live enemies, the Disruptor is destructive versus vehicles. The Disruptor fulfils the role of the Plasma Pistol from old Halo titles that is still in the game, without the vehicle EMP. In a real sense, the Disruptor will upset the enemy vehicles and leave the chance to hijack or destroy them. 

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Halo Infinite welcomed the newest Cindershot weapon it is a Forerunner grenade launcher weapon. The Cindershot shoots out the energy grenades that bounce before making a forceful blast. Halo Infinite players with the skills to calculate the Cindershot shots off walls and around the corners will flourish with this new Halo weapon.

Dynamo Grenade

halo weapons

The Halo Infinite Dynamo Grenade share is similar to Spike Grenade. This new grenade is ideal for taking out vehicles and can also be utilised against live targets.

When deployed, the Dynamo Grenade will fire off electricity that bounces and arcs among the enemies, dropped weapons, vehicles, and other metallic gameplay elements. Then, the Dynamo Grenade will damage the car, and its electrical charge makes contact with and deletes the enemy player’s shield.

CQS48 Bulldog

halo weapons

The Bulldog takes place in the traditional Halo shotgun. This latest Halo Infinite weapon is more powerful at close range than its predecessor. It has a very tight bullet spread and fires faster than a standard Halo shotgun, making it the best CQC weapon in the game.

MK50 Sidekick

halo weapons

The MK50 Sidekick is the essential standard UNSC pistol with various names. The best features of MK50 Sidekick are a 12-round magazine and a solid fire rate. It is a well-suited secondary weapon than a primary.

Stalker Rifle

The Stalker Rifle is the DMR’s Banished version. This newest Halo infinite weapon works like the Covenant Carbine, with more power and a slower fire rate.


The Heatwave is the revamped version of Scattershot from Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians. Projectiles fired from Heatwave will ricochet around, making it perfect for tight corridors. The Heatwave consists of two firing modes, vertical and horizontal. Vertical firing mode is best for hunting down single targets at close range, and the Horizontal is better for general use when you want to hit a couple of random targets and bank shots.


You have the Mangler when you combine the Mauler with a vintage revolver. For best performance, these slow-firing precision weapons needed pinpoint accuracy. The Mangler can take down the enemies along with three suitable headshots. Moreover, one or two missed shots will leave you dead in the water vs. a few easier-to-use Halo infinite weapons.

VK78 Commando

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When you combine the Battle Rifle and classic UNSC Assault Rifle, then you get the Commando. This hybrid weapon is an all-trades jack and master of none.

Pulse Carbine

Like many of the latest Halo Infinite weapons, the Pulse Carbine seems inspired by the Plasma Rifle and Covenant Carbine. These new Halo Infinite weapons have a unique feature that fires in bursts. This Pulse Rifle can be overheated and, like other Covenant weapons, is more effective against shielded enemies. However, it is a solid choice for medium to close range.

Shock Rifle

halo weapons

The Halo Infinite Shock Rifle is The Bndished’s weapon; the latest enemies featured faction in the Halo Infinite campaign. It is a variation of a sniper rifle that can shoot enemy players in the head. The Shock Rifle does not have the ability at longer ranges because it doesn’t have a variable zoom feature. The most outstanding feature of the Shock Rifle is that it is equipped with a Shock Rifle that will bounce around and deal partial damage to nearby enemies.


Another weapon, like the grenade launcher, the Ravager’s projectiles, has a smaller explosion radius than the Cindershot. For compensation, the Ravager’s shots turn out in bursts and explode on the impact; think Brute shoot from old Halo titles. A Ravager shot will leave a pool of plasma behind on its charge, which burns the standing enemies inside it.


The Skewer is the latest long-range heavy sniper weapon that can destroy the enemies’ players and vehicles. The Skewer resembles a cannon and fires off the javelin spikes at high speeds. Shots that land with the Skewer will get the small cars and enemy players on any body part in one shot. The Skewer can hold only one spike in the chamber and takes time to reload to balance this tool.


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