How to Fix Hisense TV Not Turning On

hisense tv not turning on

Hisense Roku TV is a great device that is simple to use, powerful, and with inspiring features that provide all your wanted entertainment in one place. It has pre-installed streaming apps and an OLED display, making your streaming more attractive.

Although Hisense Roku TV is excellent, affordable, and famous among innovative TV brands, sometimes, you can face a problem with your Hisense TV. Like your Hisense TV won’t turn on all of a sudden. So this simple guideline is all about the Hisense TV red blinking error that you fix on your own.

How to Fix Hisense Roku TV not Turning on Error

TO fix the Hisense Roku TV won’t Turn on the error; apply these simple fixes. These fixes are simple and accessible must be anyone will work for you.

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Power Cycle the Hisense TV

Very basic and easy solution for glitches in smart tv. It is a safe solution and doesn’t remove saved data from your smart TV. Power cycle your Hisense TV in this way:

Unplug your Hisense TV and wait for half an hour. While during this process, press and hold the TV power button for eight to ten seconds to help drain more power. 

Now plug in your TV and turn it on. Check if the error is fixed. 

Check the Faulty Remote 

If your Hisense tv is receiving power but doesn’t turn on, then you need to replace your Hisense tv remote or replace its battery. Because sometimes, you face an error due to a faulty remote. So make sure the remote is appropriately working and check the error now.

Try Other Wall Outlets

Sometimes old wall outlets may cause not turn on your Hisense tv. Because loose connections inside the outlet cause inconsistent power supply and damage your TV. Before turning on your tv, the indicator light should be red.

To check it, try to connect another device to plug in and check if its works properly and supplies the power. You can plug in a phone to charge and check if it charges the phone.

Perform a Flashlight Test

If there is any issue with your TV’s LED backlight, then the flashing test quickly diagnoses it. Many Hisense TV users face the problem of a black screen on the TV’s display.

You can perform a flashlight test on your Hisense TV in this way:

Keep your Hisense TV turned on, switch on the flashlight, and at a close distance, point it to TV screen.

See the unclear images on the screen. If pictures or words show blurry, then the LED backlight system of your Hisense TV can be damaged.

If there is any such problem, then consult Hisense Support to resolve the LED backlight issue.

Disconnect All Connected Devices

Your TV can be on Standby Mode due to input devices if they are not correctly connected or malfunctioning. So your device shows a black screen with audio. To resolve the problem disconnect all connected devices and check if they are working properly.

Closing Thoughts

Hisense TVs are the most used devices due to their affordable price. But it irritates you when you face Hisense TV problems. This guide helps you out, and all the fixes you can apply on your own to fix the TV won’t turn on error.


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