Coronavirus Symptoms and Prevention Tips

Coronavirus symptoms and preventions

What Is a Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a group of different viruses that spread deadly diseases in mammals and birds. These viruses spread diarrhea in cows and pigs and can spread an upper respiratory disease in Chicken. In humans, coronaviruses are a cause of respiratory infections and it spread via airborne droplets of fluid produced by any common cold suffered person. Although these Viruses has become the most dangerous for human and animals still there is no medication approved to treat this disease.

How coronavirus spread?

There is still not any complete treatment to prevent coronavirus. So the best is to prevent the virus spread. How to prevent from spread this infection.
• Recently coronavirus spread and very soon wrap many of the humans, Scientists trying to know the causes of how it spread from one to another person but still, they are unable to get a solid reason, as it is a new and quick-spreading disease. One thing is in our senses that such types of viruses tend to spread through sneezes droplets and cough.

An infected person spread germ through the coughs and sneezes which release droplets of mucus or saliva. when these droplets fall on, it transfers in human through breath and sometimes the droplets in air picked up directly on hands and transfer when you touch your face and causing infection. For flue, Dr suggested an infected person when sneeze or coughs it affects the people more than 10 minutes.

Virus can also be spread through public places

Public places are open-source to spread the coronavirus, in Parks, buses, schools, and hospitals, its spreading speed depends on how much time the viruses survive on the surface. It can be different according to time.

Symptoms of Coronavirus:

The common symptoms of Coronavirus are infection such as fever, cough, breathing difficulty and shortness of breath. When anyone saver bitterly then it can cause pneumonia, kidney failure, and even death. The suffered person remains ill timing does not confirm how many days it will remain. According to some sources say it could be between 10 to 14 days.
The amin symptoms are
• Fever
• Cough
• Shortness of breath

Virus can spread without any symptom:

Sometimes there are no symptoms of coronavirus as there is anecdotal evidence. It spread in people without showing any symptoms. In some situations, some type of illness transfers from one person to another, in flue, it can pass easily from person to person. But in the case of coronavirus, it is not confirmed now.

Protection tips to prevent from Coronavirus:

as there is no any final treatment discovered for this infection, as with the passage of time and due to new researches, the health center provides new preventive tips every day to avoid the spread of the virus, including:
Wash Hands properly:
Hygiene is the basic point to avoid from various diseases. To prevent wash your hand properly with clean water and soap. Lather the hands, backside of hands, between the fingers and under the nails. You may use alcohol-based hand wash that having sixty percent alcohol, if you have not soap available. Wash the hands for 20 seconds.
Don’t touch the eyes, face or mouth with unwashed hands.

Use of Tissue:

While sneezing and coughing must use the tissue, after using throw the tissue in the bin and after that must wash your hands with soap. If you don’t have tissue then instead of coughing in your hands, cough in the elbow.

Avoid animals:

In affected areas try to avoid unprotected contact with live animals and such type of places where animals are placed. In affected areas don’t use raw or uncooked animal products.
Keep clean and disinfect frequently touched things and places.

Avoid sick people:

Don’t go near to the people who are sick. And stay at home when you are sick.

Seek early medical help:

If you feel fever, breath difficulty or cough must contact a healthcare provider and also share your travelling history. Implement the Dr advice and don’t go outside from the home.

These are some protection way that can keep you save from infection and give you a healthy lifestyle.

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