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5 Best Foods for High Blood Pressure

Best foods for high blood pressure

In blood pressure disease you are always remain confuse what should you eat and what not. Because it is a sensitive matter that can be dangerous. Here some foods tips with advantages for high blood pressure patients.

  1. Oatmeal
    Oatmeal is the best choice to treat high blood pressure. it is a great choice to take in breakfast. oatmeal contains high fiber, low-fat, and low-sodium. That is the ability to lower blood pressure, healthy cholesterol level and best for digestive health. oatmeal contains heart-healthy benefits.

2. Bananas
Some researches show that daily banana-eating is helpful in lower blood pressure. Banana contains various healthy vitamins such as Vitamins C and B-6. Banana also filled with protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and magnesium. Due to these properties, two banana a day may reduce the blood pressure by 10 percent. The most important nutrients in the banana that is best for the heart are potassium. Potassium balanced the negative effects of salt and make the blood pressure lower.

3. Potatoes
Potato is another source of important potassium. The research shows that swapping a part of potatoes for a part of vegetables may decrease the risk of high blood pressure. Potatoes contain round about 897 mg of potassium. But take care don’t use potatoes with the heavily salted French fry.

4. Dark chocolate
Dark chocolates contain various heart-healthy benefits. As a 100-gram bar with 70-85% cocoa having iron, fiber, copper, magnesium, and a high quantity of potassium, zinc, and selenium. But chocolate is also high in calories, you’ll want to be very careful not to overdo it.

Of course, there is nothing be wrong with sweets eating but if you will take too much chocolate it may increase the weight, and then the blood pressure is raised. we didn’t recommend that you run to purchase chocolates just yet. You should avoid taking more chocolates though it contains some helpful ingredients to lower the blood pressure.

5. Berries
Berries a having good properties of polyphenols, especially anthocyanins, fiber, and micronutrients. By consuming these nutrients might prevent hypertension and best for lower blood pressure. So, add berries, raspberries, and strawberries in your meal. The study suggested that add a cup of berries in your daily food may help the blood pressure.

6. Pomegranates
Pomegranates are the delicious and healthy fruit; it is fruitful in both types if you want to eat it raw or you like its juice. According to a study that if you take a glass of pomegranate juice once a day for four weeks will lower the blood pressure over the short term.

7. Garlic and herbs
garlic is best to decrease hypertension by increasing the level of nitric oxide in the body. Add garlic in your daily diet will be helpful to lower the blood pressure. Nitric oxide in garlic helps increase vasodilation to reduce blood pressure.

If you want that you can maintain the healthy lifestyle, blood pressure and the waistline, it is best to lower the usage of salt and eat more fruit and vegetable. This is proof that these food changes not only best for the lower the blood pressure who are already hypertensive but it’s also helpful to prevent others from developing high blood pressure in the first place.

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