Common Causes of Hair Loss in Men and Preventing Tips

Hair fall causes and tips


Hair falling is now not only a problem in female but men are also affected from this hair disease in modern days. According to the record, more than 40 percent of men in their thirties facing hereditary hair falling, and most of the men also facing this problem by the age of 50. Hair loss cannot be affected on the head hair even it affects the whole-body hair. Hair loss can because of medication, hormonal change but diet also a common cause of hair loss.

Here we will discuss a few of the most common causes of Hair Loss in Men and about hair loss prevention tips and tricks.

Common causes of hair loss in men

1.            Diet

Diet equally important for hair and skin, for good hair growth, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are very crucial to keep hair live long and healthy. If you are taking very low protein, it can damage healthy hair and inhibit the body’s capacity to prepare new hair follicles. A balanced diet will always help you in keeping the healthy lifestyle and growth of your hair and there will be minimum chances of hair fall.

2.            Genetic

The family tree is also a crucial element when it comes to a few diseases like Hair fall. Like other matters, the hair also affected by family history, it is the high-level predictor of healthy hair. Hereditary hair loss is very common in men but some women also facing this problem. As the Genetic hair loss, there is no such hair loss treatment that can make the process slow. If in your family history have had hair loss, you are more likely to as well.

3.            Medical Conditions

Hair loss not always the problem with the disturbance that causes it, but illness also affect the hair as much as three months can pass before illness or depression are noticeable in hair loss problem. Male pattern baldness is a concern with different medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and enlarged prostates.

4.            Hormones

Hormones are one of the most common causes of permanent or temporary hair fall because cells in men scalps who are genetically disposed convert that important men hormone into DHT hormones that shrink the follicles and stop the hair growing. Thyroid issues also a cause of hair fall. Hormonal change during menopause is common in both men and women’s hair loss.

5.            Stress

Stress is another cause of hair fall; it can push hair follicles into a resting part and they can’t produce new hair strands. Due to stress hair can easily fall out during washing, combing or touching. Some of the shocking incidents like surgery, death of any close relation these trigger events contribute to the hair fall.

6.            Medications

A huge variety of medications associated with hair loss such as drugs that used to treat the depression, arthritis, high blood pressure and cancer, hair that loss during cancer treatment typically regrows. If you have any saver hair issue then you must consult a surgeon.

Risk factors

Some types of factors may increase the risk of hair loss such as:

1.            Age

2.            Stress

3.            Family history of balding,

4.            Some medical conditions

You can prevent your hair from rapid falling, but how? Have a look at the below-mentioned steps which will be good for getting an idea on the same.

Preventing Tips

1.            Good diet

The second quick-growing cells in the body are hair cells. Hair needs nourishment to grow. In foods, some of the deficiencies and excess of certain foods can because of hair loss. Iron and ferritin deficiency is a cause of hair loss. Excess use of vitamins (oily fish, cheese, liver) also causes hair loss. Diet for healthy hair not required all the food you eat just once. You should take the diet including fruits, vegetables and protein, and fat. You can take carbohydrates but not essential. There is the number of daily must do’s that are very helpful to increase the hair’s potential for beautiful and healthy hair growth.

2.            Must Take Breakfast

Sometimes in the hurry, we don’t eat anything at breakfast but it is the most important meal of the day to nutrient the body and for hair health. Take a good breakfast contains protein, carbohydrates to provide the nutritional boos the hair because the energy to form hair cells is lowest in the morning. Don’t miss breakfast it is very important for whole-body growth till the day end.

3.            Take More Protein

Hair is basically composed of protein, take a diet filled with protein is valuable for hair growth. Protein karate in that produced in the hair follicles and these follicles produce new hair cells. Must make a part of your diet foods that are high in protein like chicken, meat, beans, eggs, fish, legumes, nuts.

4.            Be Hydrated

Drink plenty of water, as water is more important for hair as well as for skin. Drink more water according to your activity level and climate. Dehydration stops hair growth. Our scalp is also like the skin and the hydrate the hair cells, help them to work the way they are supposed and best for hair growth and make strong. Dehydration creates a poor growing environment.

5.            Snack Healthy

Healthy diet healthy hair, the energy reached to hair cells after 4 hours of eating a meal. To sustain a good energy level, take a meal with carbohydrates and add more vegetables, fruits, wholemeal crackers

6.            Take a high quantity of iron

Like all other nutrient’s irons are extremely essential for hair growth. Lean meat contains a high quantity of iron if your health allows you then you must eat it twice a week.   As iron plays a very important role in generating hemoglobin, an important metalloprotein due to this body transport the oxygen in the blood. So, with its low level, it becomes difficult to transport oxygen to cells that improve nail and hair growth.

7.            Consume more Vitamin c

Iron can be more effective when you will take Vitamin c also, don’t miss a glass of orange juice. You can eat any fruit and vegetable for this purpose.

8.            Dairy products

 All dairy products are the highest source of calcium. The combination of the calcium, proteins, and vitamins are very important in our diet for hair treatment

9.            Eat Various type of food

Not eat just one type of food every day, take different types of foods to get different varieties of foods will help to get the highest quality of important minerals and vitamins.

Final Words

The above-discussed tips and tricks might be helpful. In case of any problem, it is always highly recommended to consult a good doctor. Don’t take any health-related problem lightly, as a light problem will become the savior and then will be hard to cure.

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