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Know All About ATT PeopleTools

ATT PeopleTools

ATT PeopleTools is a set of software development tools and technologies. Developed by Oracle (formerly owned by PeopleSoft. That was later acquired by Oracle) for building, customizing, and maintaining applications in the PeopleSoft suite of business software. PeopleSoft is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that provides applications for HR, supply chain management, and finance.

PeopleTools encompasses a wide range of components and features that aid in the customization, development, and deployment of PeopleSoft apps.

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Why You Should Use PeopleTools ATT for Organization


PeopleTools allows you to customize PeopleSoft applications to align them with your organization’s business processes and requirements. You can create tailored user interfaces, add custom business logic, and adapt the software to fit your unique needs.


PeopleTools provides various tools and technologies that enable you to extend and enhance PeopleSoft applications. You can develop custom components, integrations, workflows, and reports to address evolving business needs.


PeopleTools includes features like Integration Broker and Component Interface, facilitating seamless integration between PeopleSoft applications and other systems. This helps you create a connected ecosystem of software solutions within your organization.


The Application Engine tool within PeopleTools allows you to build sophisticated batch-processing programs for automating complex business processes, thereby improving efficiency and reducing manual effort.


The Query tool in PeopleTools enables users to create ad-hoc reports and queries to retrieve data from the PeopleSoft database. This empowers users to access the necessary information without requiring extensive technical skills.

User Experience

PeopleTools offers the Fluid User Interface, which enables the creation of modern, responsive, and mobile-friendly user interfaces. This enhances the user experience and makes PeopleSoft applications more accessible on various devices.

Testing and Quality Assurance

The PeopleSoft Test Framework allows for automated testing of PeopleSoft applications, helping ensure that updates and customizations do not introduce errors or issues.

Efficient Updates

PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) simplifies applying updates and patches to PeopleSoft applications. This helps keep your software current and secure while minimizing disruption to your business operations.


PeopleTools includes security features that allow you to manage user roles, permissions, and data access. This is crucial for maintaining data integrity and complying with privacy regulations.


PeopleTools is designed to support the growth of your organization. You can develop and deploy new features as your business expands, and your software is relevant and capable of accommodating increased demands.

Vendor Support

As PeopleTools is an integral part of the PeopleSoft ecosystem, you can benefit from Oracle’s support and resources when using these tools. This includes access to documentation, forums, and assistance from Oracle’s support teams.
Shortly, PeopleTools ATT provides the tools and technologies to effectively develop, customize, integrate, and manage PeopleSoft applications. By leveraging these tools, organizations can adapt their software to meet their specific requirements, streamline business procedures, and increase the user experience.

Key Features of PeopleTools

Some key features of PeopleTools include:

   Application Designer

 A visual development environment used for creating and modifying PeopleSoft application definitions, including pages, components, records, and more.


A proprietary scripting language used for customizing PeopleSoft applications. It’s similar to languages like JavaScript and allows developers to add business logic and manipulate data.

  Integration Broker 

A component for building and managing integrations between PeopleSoft applications and other systems using various protocols and technologies.

  Component Interface

 A tool for creating programmatic interfaces to PeopleSoft components, enabling external applications to interact with PeopleSoft data and processes.

  Application Engine

 A tool for creating batch processing programs that can perform complex data processing and manipulation.


 A feature for designing and managing business processes using graphical representations of workflows.


 A reporting tool that allows users to create ad-hoc queries to retrieve data from the PeopleSoft database.

 PeopleSoft Test Framework

 It is a tool used for Creating and running automated tests to ensure the quality and reliability of PeopleSoft applications.


 PeopleTools includes features for managing user roles, permissions, and access to different parts of the PeopleSoft application.

 Fluid User Interface

 A responsive and mobile-friendly interface design framework for creating modern user experiences within PeopleSoft applications.

 PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM)

A tool for managing updates and patches to PeopleSoft applications, helping organizations stay up-to-date with the latest features and fixes.

How to ATT PeopleTools Login

It is simple to log in, and you need an internet-connected device. Open the ATT PeopleTools website. Enter UserID and ATT Password and click on the log-on icon.

Closing Thoughts

ATT (Application Technology Tools) refers to the set of tools that aid in building, customizing, and maintaining PeopleSoft applications. PeopleTools provides the foundation for developing and extending the functionality of PeopleSoft apps, enabling organizations to tailor these apps to fulfil their business needs.

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