ArconaiTV Down- Best Arconai TV Alternative Kodi Addons


Arconai Tv is a place to watch live channels, live TV for free. It is well known among streaming lovers by Arconitv Addon. Content on arconaitv is available 24/7, including VOD, Live IPTV, IPTV, Catch-up, and much more.

Arconitv was the most popular as-supported and approved Kodi addon, but it stopped working due to the downfall of ArconaiTV website.

Is Arconai TV Stopped Working 

ArconiTV and ArconiTV addon stopped working in May 2021, which was sourced from the former. After that, the website started working, but it could not gain popularity and stopped working and is now inactive due to a cloud error. So arconaitv is not still wrong anymore. Its owner Arc also deleted its Facebook page. So now you need to use some other website like Arconaitv.

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Is Kodi Alternative for Websites Like Arconai?

Using Kodi is the best way to get the advantages of the Kodi addons because many free streaming-providing websites make you irritate with unwanted ads, browser hijackers, malware, foisting applications, and other unwanted things.

In this situation, Kodi is the best option as an external video player. So here are the best and the best working Aconaitv Alternative Kodi addons. You will like to stream with these best streaming Kodi addons.

Arconai TV Alternative Kodi Addons

If you are an Arconaitv lover and want a 24/7 live-streaming source, then these alternative sources are for you. These addons are updated and working correctly as Kodi lovers wish. Try these add-ons and enjoy your wanted content as you want on arconaitv.

Beta Quadrant

Beta Quadrant is an IPTV addon found in Diamond Wizard Repo. It enables you to stream the best quality IPTV buffering free, movies, TVs, TV channels, and more. Categories are Documentaries, spots news, IPTV/M3U lists, 24/7 lists, Big lists for favorite channels, Big World IPTV lists, Air Tablet World TV, World TV, Swift Streams, STIRR TV, WORLD IPTV, FREE VIEW TV, OMG IPTV, LOL IPTV, Fluxus TV, New channels and support to find the YouTube videos.

cCloud TV

cCloud add-on is a perfect choice for Kodi lovers, and it is a free cloud-based link-sharing network that offers live TV Channels and more than thousands IPTVs worldwide. cCloud TV is the best of its kind in providing non-English international streaming. Music, movies, on-demand shows, radio, and more can be found.


All in one addon is Limitless, which offers an excellent collection of TV shows, movies, and essential folders for different live TVs like US live TV, Live TV, Tvtap, CA live TV, airtable TV channels, Swiftstreamz, 24/7 cable channels and multiple 24/7 streams like 24/7 TV shows, 24/7 movies, 24/7 kid streams and non-stop 24/7 channels. So this addon is full of content that you want from arconaitv.


TempTv is an excellent source of hundreds of thousands of live TV channels, and sections are added News, Music, Movies, sports, Adult and countless Foreign Channels, Wrestling, 1-click, and Kids. It also contains popular TV networks such as Arconai TV, Zyne TV, Imkmedia, Pluto TV, and much more. It also offers TV shows, paid movies, and 1Click free.

Closing Thoughts

Mentioned addons in this are active and work well. These are the best arconai tv alternatives that provide you with all the entertainment and content you want.

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