What To Do After A Data Breach?


If your organization recently faced a data breach, follow the steps below. Otherwise, the losses will continue piling, and your reputation will deteriorate further. The primary reason for data breaches is human error. It is why many businesses are opting for managed IT services or robotic process automation (RPA).

If you Google ‘RPA services UAE,’ you will notice that many organizations specialize in RPA in cybersecurity. For the unversed, RPA is a software technology that mimics human actions. In other words, it performs the same actions as humans but without error. RPA offers greater accuracy, speed, and reliability.

Managed IT services refers to a business model where organizations outsource entire or some parts of a function to a third party. In cybersecurity, a specialist third party will look after your entire cybersecurity or a part of it, such as managing the data server.

However, this article does not concern itself with which service you need. Instead, we will focus on your steps after a data breach.

Steps to Take After a Data Breach

1.     Communicate to Stakeholders

You must first communicate to the stakeholders that the organization has been breached, and they must take extra precautions, such as changing passwords. If your organization has financial data, ask your clients to block their cards immediately. It includes asking your bank to stop any payments.

2.     Gather Information

The next step is to gather information. Assess what data is breached, how, and the extent. Cybercriminals sometimes manage to infiltrate a network system but cannot get anything of value as data is encrypted or blocked using robust firewalls. Therefore, you must gather information about the breach. Without it, you cannot enact any meaningful response or mitigation plan.

3.     Containment

Once you have the relevant information, it is time to move toward containment. Work on preventing the breach from spreading further and removing it. We recommend asking specialist third parties for this purpose. For example, you can avail yourself of RPA solutions in Dubai and manage IT security services simultaneously.

The RPA bots will do the heavy lifting, such as monitoring any unauthorized activity 24/7, while the specialists focus on the more pressing issues. Ensure that your servers and the entire network is offline when you work on containment. It will protect against further attacks and give you enough time to contain the existing data breach.

4.     Notify

The next step is to again notify the stakeholders about the measures you have taken to address the issue. The purpose of this move is to repose trust in your business. Otherwise, your clients will be reluctant to start trusting your business. They may prefer a competitor.

5.     Invest in Training

Regardless of how the data is breached, invest in employee training. It needs to be a continuous process where employees are trained about the latest cybersecurity issues and then assessed. The assessment will ensure that the employees understand the training.

6.     Cybersecurity Policy

Furthermore, implement a new cybersecurity policy. For example, ensure that employees are forced to change their passwords every 15 days to prevent misuse. Restrict the access of unwanted employees to critical organizational accounts and systems. We recommend monitoring employee activity in the form of logs to keep an eye on the employees. Ensure this is clearly stated in the policy to prevent employee backlash. The policy must be revised regularly to reflect the latest threat levels.

7.     Invest in Technology

Lastly, no matter how many experts you hire, cyber criminals will find a way to infiltrate your network. Instead of relying on humans prone to errors, the lapse of attention, and fatigue, utilize technology. Set up RPA bots that monitor your IT network 24/7 for the best possible security.


It concludes our article on what steps a business must take after experiencing a data breach. Regardless of your business nature or industry, these steps apply to all. They will set you in the right direction.

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