Best Torrent Sites for Audiobooks and EBooks

Torrent websites for ebook and audiobooks

The latest method of enjoying a good story is Ebooks and Audiobooks. Now, people avoid holding a book in their hands. Most readers use a phone or Kindle to read a story. Along with reading, you can now also listen to a report. You will get the best guidelines if you are a reading lover and want more free books. Here are Torrent Websites for Audiobooks and EBooks

There are many websites where you can get free ebooks and audiobooks. Everyone cannot afford expensive books, so they use the internet to find and read books. We need different types of books in our daily lives, such as preparing for exams, any storybook, novel, or just a book for enjoyment. Do you want to read the original copy of a book?

Finding an ebook or audiobook on Amazon or Flipkart is expensive, and you cannot afford it when you don’t have money. There can be some other problems involved that bring us back to the topic. Here are the top audiobook torrenting sites; by using these sites, you can download audiobooks Treasure. You can always get books in ebook(PDF) or audiobook format.

Getting a book from the library is a time-consuming and expensive way. But now, you can have your wanted readers on a device like a smartphone or PC. These sites have a massive collection of the best books of all time. You can read books safely without ads—the best torrent websites for online ebooks.

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 It is a free-of-ads site. This is a perfect platform for peaceful reading without any pop-ups. This platform is accessible across the world. Another best feature of this website is that the library is shared based on genre. A book can be easily searched. You can get any genre, from fiction, horror, science, romantic ebooks, etc.

Ebooks are available on this site in PDF format. The number of downloads and ebook size detail is also available at the user’s disposal. This is one of the best websites to download audiobooks and E-books for free. Moreover, to use most of the websites, you need to get registered.


Wikibooks are safe from malware and bloatware websites. You can get books that are available worldwide and in different languages. This is one of the top websites with an extensive library.

Books are available on this website in Hindi, English, Italian, Deutsch, and six more languages. The website is straightforward; you can use it very quickly. Please select a language you want a book in and then search for it.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate is one of the most famous names among torrent users. It provides free torrents for ebooks, Pirate audiobooks, apps, games, music, songs, TV Shows, and more. Although the Pirate Bays allows for massive content, this network is not accessible in all regions. Although this site is famous due to its extensive collection of music and movies, it also offers a fantastic collection of eBooks.

The interface of this site is straightforward, and any content can be out simply using the search bar. The network provides a list of the Top Ten EBooks. This is the best place to get the trending and bestseller list. It is cost-effective compared to Manga; you can easily download the content using the downloading button. If you want more platforms, then you need a fast VPN.


Books share many of the best features that you might be interested in. This platform shows the synopsis of a book and the number of pages and books in different languages. As led by its name, this website offers only ebooks, and you get them worldwide.

It is an excellent organized platform for Monica from Friends. You must try to use this website to get the wanted content here. Along with ebooks, the same goes for other categories. Technology, humour, fiction, psychology, and science can also be found.

Before downloading a book, you can check a glimpse of a story. So the boos divided, including the synopsis of the book. You can see other details on the top of the website, including the number of chapters and pages. So, in this way, you can easily select a book. A displayed synopsis of the website makes it easy to choose a book. To download a book, you must create an account on the website first.


 13377x, a website with notable UI features. Its relevant categories make it simple to use. This website contains movie series, anime, games, and software content besides ebooks. It is one of the best websites unavailable in Ireland, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Austria.

This is the best platform if you are more interested in audiobooks and reading. This website has two separate categories; one is for ebooks, and the other for audiobooks. Like the other websites, this is also free of malware or adware. It is very famous due to its U, and undoubtedly, uses it.


BookYard is a fantastic website with more than 7000 ebooks. You can get ebooks and audiobooks as well as are available around the world. It is a well-organized website by genre and categories and has a smooth UI. Downloading is free from any of the 7000 ebooks.

The unique point of this add-on is that it provides some Box options for its users. You can find subjects such as spirituality, book yards, etc. It offers other genres you cannot find on websites like Memories, Parenting, and Economics. You get the drill. All ebooks are in PDF format, so you can easily use this platform.


The features of this website just verified torrents; you can enjoy many other entertainment sections available on this torrent website. This website lets you get movies, TV shows, anime, and software. It is unavailable in the UK and Australia; you can easily use it in other regions.

It’s a very organized website to search for whatever book you want to read; it’s a great eBooks section. Like other websites, this one is also famous for its smooth UI. It offers verified torrents that make it easy for users.

Torlock is not free from ads. The platform offers a synopsis of a book with many page numbers. Moreover, it is a great platform to fill the library, but you must face advertisements.


The best feature of this site is the crisp and straightforward UI. This site offers TV Shows, Movies, games, eBooks, music, and much more. This website is not accessible in all regions, but you can use it with A VPN.

You can easily use this website. It has a smooth UI. The library is divided into categories, so searching for books is evident and straightforward. Torrent9 is an excellent section for eBooks.

The website has a smooth UI; you can get books and other content. If you want to take a break during reading, you do another activity within the sites, such as watching a movie or TV show.

These torrent websites are good for finding free eBooks and audiobooks.

How to use Listen to audiobooks on Kodi

You can also listen to audiobooks on Kodi by installing the Listen UP Kodi Audio Book Addon; here is the detailed information about

How To Install Listen UP Kodi Audio Book Addon

  1. Open the Kodi, go to Home > Select the Addons, then Select the Setting Icon.
  2. From Addon Make, click on Unknown Sources
  3. Enable the unknown sources
  4. Click on the Unknown Sources and tap “Yes” on Pop up
  5. Move back to the Home and select Settings, then select the File Manager, then Add Source
  6. Now click on the Settings Icon at the top left side of the screen
  7. Enter the URL in the full text box
  8. Type Grind in the bottom box and Click OK
  9. Return to the Home and select Addons > from the Addon browser. Install from the Zip file.
  10. Tap on the Grind >
  11. Now Wait till the “Addon Enabled” notification is received
  12. Now choose the Install From Repository > Grindhouse Repository
  13. Now click on the Video Addons, then Listen UP!! Then, Install it and wait for the information.
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