How to Evolve Togepi/ Togeti in Pokeman

How to Evolve Togepi

Topegi is a small light yellow Pokemon; its body is rounded, like an egg shape. It is a rare spawn, so you cannot find it easily in the game. This is helpful to get the evolved form of Togepi, Togetic, and Togekiss. Here is all about how to evolve Togepi.

You can find the tiny Pokemon in Crimson Mirelands in Cottonridge Prairie in the same area where Petilil spawns. When you see a flat area with pink flowers, you will know you have arrived here. You can crouch in to stay hidden in the location of the Pokemon.

how to evolve Togetic

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At this location, Topegi is a rare spawn filled with Pachirisu and Petal. If you are there and didn’t get the Togepi, you can exit the map and re-enter to get another chance at a Togepi spawn.

What Level Does Togepi Evolve

To togepi evolution, you have to max out your friendship level with it. You can do it by using it in battle, not letting it faint, feeding it Exp, or collecting materials. Candies. It will tell you when it will be ready to evolve, and Pokeball next to it will blink.

To analyze the max friendship level, you can use the Friendship Checker by the pastures in Jubilife Village.

Where to get Togepi

In the Grand underground, the Topegi’s are rare. It has only a ten percent chance of spawning in the Dazzling Cave, Stargleam Cave, and Fountainspring Cave. If you fail to spot these Caves, exit and re-enter until you see one walking around.

Closing Thoughts

Pkemon is the most favorite character in the game. Here we discussed topegi a little egg shape character. It is the essential character of the game. Get the Togepi and evolve Togepi with this guide. This post will make your game more inspiring and exciting. New ideas and thoughts about Togepi.


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