Some Surprising Facts about Mobile Phones

Facts about mobile phones

Mobile phones becoming a major addiction among the modern generation. It affects its users in both positive and negative ways. Like these can be used for learning purposes by the students, professionals and other people who want to excel. 
On the other hand, the excessive use of mobile phones is harmful both for health and in terms of time wastage. But as it is becoming a major gadget in lifestyle, here we are going to write about some interesting facts and figures which might be surprising for all of you. Have a look at what we have prepared below in this article.

1. Game Send Me to Heaven

“Send me the heaven” is one of the famous mobile game that involves throwing the mobile phone in the air as you can. By creating this game, the thoughts of creators were to destroy as many iPhones as it can, but it is a fact that applies has banned it from its App Store.

2. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

Do Androids Dreams of Electric Sheep? is very famous is a science fiction novel by American writer Philip K. Dick. The author of this novel published it in 1968 and said ” There will come a time when it isn’t ‘They are spying on me through my phone anymore. In the end, ‘It will be My phone is spying on me’

3. Android

Android is now no any need to the introduction, these Android phones were put on display in 2007, Nokia was quoted by saying ” we don’t see this phone as a threat,” the member of Microsoft’s windown mobile team stated that “I don’t understand the impact that they are going to have”

4. Missed their chance

Samsung that is not any introduction required. In late 2004, Samsung can buy Android and it has also an opportunity, but they didn’t see any income potential so they passed on the investment. And the Google obtain it two weeks later.

5. Angry Birds and Clash of Clans

Did you know after the downfall of Nokia, the Angry Birds, and Clash of clans have helped rejuvenate Finland’s economy

6. Camera shutter

Kyocera VP-210 Was launched in 2000 and Japan introduced as the first country to sell camera-equipped phones. And now in Japan, the mobile phone’s camera shutter sound cannot be muted.

7. * and #

When Bell Labs designed the first mobile phone, they have two tones in the mobile phones as they were not assigned values. So, phones have an asterisk and pound sign. They threw in * and #.

8. Steven Ortiz

Steven Ortiz was a California teenager trapped up to an old phone on craigslist for various items until he eventually acquired a Porsche. 

9. Siri

Siri is a quickest and simple method to do all types of useful things, it works behind the screen like a PA even when you don’t ask. Siri was supposed to be for Blackberry and Android phones before Siri, Inc. But was purchased by Apple back in April of 2010.

10. Mobile Identification Number

As all mobile phones often have two unique phone numbers attached to them and that are both active numbers. One is one the Mobile Identification Number and the other number you think your number, a number your carrier uses to ID you. These numbers refer to the 10-digit totally different number.

Final Words 
Hope you have enjoyed the facts and tips we have discussed above in this article. There are plenty of more like these. We will be updating it for further improvements till now, please give us your feedback regarding the things we have added above. 

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