Points that Will Help to Keep Your Handbag Run for a Long Time

Designers bag protection tips

The personality of a female is incomplete without a handbag. It plays a very important role. Due to its importance and demand, there is a large variety of designer bags available these days. Best quality handbags take time to be ready and are very costly. So, your bag needs to be treated with the utmost care. However, everyone doesn’t know the basics of handbag care as it is a tricky and stressful thing to notice. In order to maintain the health of your handbag, here is a list of some easy and simple tips that will preserve the handbag for a long time as possible.  

1. Know the type of leather before cleaning your bag

Before cleaning know about the leather type of the bag, as there are various types and different ways to care according to fabric type. When you have the knowledge, you can care specifically for it. For this, you can find the instructions comes with the bag or the sticker with instructions might be helpful to look on.

2. Daily Maintenance

Dirty hands make a handbag quickly spoil and keep stains, don’t touch it, especially when you applied some moisturizer on your hands, avoid getting dirt and natural oil.  Before using once in a while empty it and shake it to remove the dust.

3. Store in a proper way

Normally, after the usage of a bag store it in an upright position, avoid store in sunlight, and stow away in a dark cool place. This will not fade the bag color. Make sure the bag is stuffed to keep its actual shape, apply soft, dry material such as fabrics, tissue paper to protect it from dust. Don’t put the bag in plastic cover as this moisture inside, it will make the bag mold and damage.

4. Keep clean from stains

You can remove the different stains according to the source of the stains. These can be helpful. 

Food stains: Squeeze white chalk and remain on the stain for 4 to 5 hours, you can leave it for overnight. Then clean it with a clean soft cloth.

Water spots: You cannot remove water stains by yourself, let them dry naturally, and remove the stains from a professional. 

Pen stains: For fresh ink marks, avoid pressure. Ink stains are tricky if don’t remove then see a professional.

To avoid Odors: put a pack of baking soda inside the bag. Close the zip or you can put the bag in the larger bag if there is not zip closed and leave it for several days.

Grass stains: To remove the grass stains use talcum powder on the stains and keep it over the night to remove it.

5. Interior Protection 

Don’t put cosmetics products openly in bags as they can stain the material. These products stain and lining on the bag, some cosmetics stains are very tricky such as lipstick is very difficult to remove from fabric. Avoid putting clips and hairpins in the bag they can damage it.

6. Use bag cleaning material 

Clean it with leather cream by rub gently and balm with a clean white fabric, use a dry cotton cloth to buff. You can purchase a leather cream from a shoe repair shop or a general store. There are different types of spray available that used to clean the fabric. But before using must read the product’s instructions carefully. Before applying directly to the bag, you can try it on rough cloth to avoid any discoloration.

7. Need more care  

you should more care for the leather bag, clean it properly after using it with a dry cloth. Don’t try to use them any other cleanser or chemical. Use the leather cleaning material that will not harm the bag.

Final words

With a little care, you can use the handbag for years with new stuff and latest fashion. Use these tips and keep your bags useable for a long time.

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