How to Fix IDP.Generic Virus| idp.generic


The IDP.Generic notice can cause a real dreaded Virus or false positive, so you should take it seriously.

IDP is an acronym that stands for Identity Protection, and this Virus can try to steal your data.

 If you are facing the real issue, you have to get yourself a powerful antivirus.

The system restore procedure may also help you fix this problem, so it’s worth a shot.

If you live in the digital form world, you should keep your all information safe, uncorrupted, and some wrong hands can be harmful. So it is essential to get rid of all the virus threats.

The malware can compromise the integrity of your data and can also enable hackers to access your most personal information that should stay private.

There are many antivirus programs for our protection. When you run an antivirus program, there will be some detection known as IDP. Generic, this can be bitterly dangerous.

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You don’t need to worry, and here you will learn what is IDP.Generic Virus is and how to get rid of it on Windows 10.

What is IDP.Generic Virus?

IDP.Generic has appeared on antivirus software when generic malware gets indicated.

Antivirus Softwares are common to detect these are that use the Avast AV and AVG engines. The IDP in the name means that this is such a type of Virus that can steal your personal information. So, when you get this type of alert, it is mainly one of two things:

It might be a simple false positive

  • In this situation, you are running an antivirus program that can’t recognize the file; that’s why it labels it as a virus by default.
  • It can be a Trojan, an actual computer virus.


How did IDP.Generic Virus get in my PC?

Various ways can cause the IDP.Generic Virus in your system.

  • Any email accessed that might be Virus attached to it.
  • Downloaded any software that holds the Virus.
  • On any shady website, I clicked a pop-up.

Should I ignore id.generic trojan?

Any warning from antivirus software should not be ignored. If we talk about idp.generic, you will find many false-positive cases, so it shouldn’t be overlooked. In this situation, use any other antivirus software and check if it uses the Virus tools and catches the same file. VirusTotal is a website used to check the files with malicious components. You can use it to fit your files. Antivirus program updating is also significant, and you should do it.

idp.generic false positive

In case of VirusTotal flags file as a threat, you should thoroughly scan with your antivirus.


Causes of IDP.Generic to be False Positive

An outdated definition of an antivirus program commonly causes this false positive flag. So you have to update the antivirus program with the latest version.

What should do with false positives?

At priority, take out the file of the virus vault because the antivirus will block it. You have to do this in such way.

  • Open the Avast antivirus applications
  • Go to the Protection

avast premier

  • Choose Virus Chest
  • Right-click the file
  • Choose the Restore and add to exclusions

Virus chest


Although there are the Avast antivirus steps that can apply to other antivirus applications, a virus vault exists in every antivirus. There is an option to restore the files from there.

Also, upload the file to the false positive from the let Avast know about the file. It is the best source to prevent future false positive.

How to Remove IDP.GENERIC file?

When you have confirmed it is a virus and want to remove it, remove it very carefully; otherwise, let it stay. If the file contains malware or viruses, as shown in the method above. When you make sure it is malicious, boot into safe mode and thoroughly scan the system via an antivirus program.

Some other ways to Remove IDP.Generic Virus

Use a powerful antivirus program

Using an antivirus program is the most simple solution; by using it, you can scan the Virus, contain it, detect it, remove it, and protect it from getting infected again.

It all depends on the antivirus program and its features, and you can also scan the programs and new mails before downloading or installing them.

Update the antivirus

As you read above that, there is a significant change. The alert might be a simple false positive. In this situation, update the current antivirus program and check the issue is fixed or not.

Don’t forget to check the developer’s documentation on the matter, as this procedure varies from one to another antivirus.

Uninstall suspicious programs

  • Tap on the Start icon, then choose the Settings app.
  • Tap on the Apps option.
  • Scroll down and choose the apps you have installed lately before the virus notification shows.
  • Tap on it and choose the Uninstall icon.
  • Do in the same way with any suck suspicious app.

Any current program that you have installed before the IDP.Generic Virus detected. Just uninstall it. Then run another scan and check if the error is removed or not.

Perform a System Restore

This is the most used and common solution in data loss; getting rid of PC threats is a very successful way.  You have to perform a system restore process to the Windows 10 most recent version without any virus problem.

These are the straightforward methods that will help you resolve the problem, and you can successfully remove the IDP Generic Virus from the Computer. Moreover, Now your Computer will be safe from this error.

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