How to Share pdaNet VPN Connection From Android to PC

PdaNet vpn

Internet is not working properly, and make streaming difficult. Now you can share VPN connections from Android to PC, and you can stream well.

Very Simple Steps to Get Started:

Windows, PC or Mac laptop

An Android phone

A USB cable

A fast speed VPN for Android

You can get a free VPN by just download and install a free app know as PdaNet WiFi share on Android and PC. This app is accessible on (Google Play Store, Direct apk download) Mac and Windows.

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How to Share VPN Connection From Android to Windows PC

You can connect the Android on PC by using a USB cable, first of all, turn off the default internet connection and step by step follow the guidelines given below.

1. When completed downloading and installation and also installed the PdaNet+ on Android. Now install it on the Computer. After that you will receive a prompt but didn’t click OK yet:

2. Now Open the PdaNet+ on Android and choose the VPN USB Tethering. You’ll receive to enable the Developer options on the Phone. Click on the Go to Settings, and now use the exact menu you wanted. Toggle the creating options On.

3. Scroll down in the developer option and find out the USB debugging option. Now toggle it on and click on the OK to allow it.

4. Now Turn on the Android VPN app and connect it to the region you want.

5. Now, the USB Tethering VPN in PdaNet+ is done. Now start the app and click on the checkmark to enable the option. Now find out the option, says “Always allow from this computer“, now press the Allow.

After successfully done these all steps, now there will be the name of windows PC in PdalNet+ on Android.

6. Now, tap on the OK in prompt from step 1 on the Windows PC.  Now Allow the installation to continue the Install on any Windows security prompts.  After completing the setup, make sure the Connect to PdaNet+ after installation and the USB mode is also selected.

How to Share VPN Connection From Android to Mac PC

The following steps are for Before Android device:

•             Enable the Wi-Fi.

•             Turn on the Location settings.

•             Connect to the VPN app.

Now install the PdaNet+ app on the Mac, and don’t click on the OK (when prompted enable the USB mode) till the things are set up on the Android app.

1. Now the Mac users, PdaNet wifi hotspot no internet need to select WiFi Direct Hotspot setting instead of using the USB Tether option. Get the note of the Wi-Fi hotspot name and password for later. Very easily edit the default password.

2. Now you can see the recently created hotspot in PdaNet+ like this.

3. Go back to the Mac settings. Select the OK to continue the installation. The installer will show the notification to discover the USB. Click the Skip USB and use the Wi-Fi mode.

4. After the “Installation completed!” prompt, make sure that “Connect PdaNet+ after installation” is checked and choose the WiFi mode. Then click the Finish.

5. From the WiFi Connect prompt, choose the PdaNet hotspot is created from the list and enter the password. Click the Connect Wi-Fi when it has been done.

Alternate Options

•             Open Network settings on the Mac and choose the Wi-Fi adapter.

•             Tap on the “Advanced…“, then tap on “Proxies“.

•             Now check the box for the notification Automatic Proxy Configuration. Enter the “” in the URL box.

•             Click on the OK and then on “Apply“.

Now connect to the PdaNet+ hotspot (starts with DIRECT-).

If you find that this method is unreliable (as other users have pointed out), check out our other guide – how to share a VPN connection on Android without root – which uses Every Proxy instead of PdaNet+.

How to Stop Sharing pdaNet VPN Connection

If you want to disconnect the VPN connection. Just make right-click on the PdaNet icon in the main menu on PC and click the Disconnect.

You can simply re-enable the default connection. Again reconnect the PdaNet+, right-click on the icon and click connect.

How to Verify If Shared VPN Connection Works

To verify if the VPN connection is working on the PC or Windows, check the IP address by using a service and see the IP address shown on the website is the same as the VPN server IP. You can check simply on Google what is my IP address.

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