How to Prevent Hotlinking in WordPress

How to Prevent Hotlinking in WordPress in 2020

Hotlinking unfavourably influences your sites. It eats out your data transmission, and impacts affect your site execution. This is one of the regular illicit advances terrible individuals ordinarily take to spare their data transfer capacity by eating out others’. When this has happened to your case, you should find a way to avoid this. Today, we will discuss how to stop picture hotlinking on WordPress locales. 

It’s smarter to take gauges previously with the goal that nobody can do this to your site pictures. You can avert picture hotlinking in WordPress locales in some simple ways. To start with, how about we realize what this truly is?

What is Hotlinking?

Hotlinking is utilizing another person’s pictures on your site using that specific picture URL. It implies pictures will appear on your site, yet they will be served from elsewhere. At the point when you open an image on another tab, it shows the picture URL. Hotlinkers utilize that URL to spare their data transfer capacity and burden time. Hotlinking is a terrible practice. Any progressions to the picture URL will influence the showcase of that picture.

Why Should You Prevent Image Hotlinking?

On the off chance that you care about your site execution, you ought to anticipate the hotlinking of your site pictures or some other media assets you have. While utilizing another person’s pictures without appropriate authorization is terrible, hotlinking, for this situation, is far more terrible than that.

  • Hotlinking eats your transfer speed and will cost you additional cash since it costs money to have media assets. 
  • Picture hotlinking in the more significant part of the cases is illicit. Individuals may allow you to utilize their pictures, yet they, for the most part, don’t enable you to use their data transfer capacity.
  • It’s a gigantic channel on your assets. You may experience an unforeseen number of questions in a brief timeframe. 

It’s profoundly prescribed that you don’t hotlink others’ assets and don’t give them a chance to do this to your site

How to Check if Someone is Hotlinking Your Website Images

For the most part, you don’t have a choice to comprehend whether somebody is hotlinking your site pictures. This is the reason it is astute to avert this in advance. At the point when you care about it and need to know whether somebody is hotlinking your site pictures, enter the accompanying order in the Google search bar and snap on Pictures.

The Google output will show hot-connected pictures and the site URLs utilizing those pictures.

How to Prevent Hotlinking in WordPress Sites

There are a few different ways to anticipate hotlinking used by WordPress development services.  Experience the procedures underneath and pursue the one you like. We will give you six distinct strategies to do this.

1: Prevent Hotlinking Using CDN

unfortunately, avoiding picture hotlinking in WordPress locales is simple. You can utilize a CDN with hotlinking assurance. If you can’t understand how to use CDN, you can also take the help of WordPress development company

 2: Enable Hotlink Protection in cPanel

You can likewise anticipate hotlinking from your cPanel settings. If your facilitating suppliers use cPanel to manage servers on the customer’s end, you can effectively empower hotlink insurance there. 



To start with, you need to sign in to your facilitating account. You can look down at the Security Zone and snap on the Hotlink Protection choice.

You are diverted to the arrangement screen. Snap on “Enable” and arrange the settings. At last, spare the progressions by tapping the “Submit” button.

3: Prevent Image Hotlinking in the Server

You can empower WordPress hotlinking assurance in the webserver by sticking a few code scraps. If your server runs on Apache, paste the accompanying code in your htaccess document.


In this code, you have to change to your site. This way, get to your htaccess record and past the code to avoid picture hotlinking in your WordPress site. 

If your site is on the NGINX server, glue the code beneath in the NGINX config document.

4: Prevent Hotlinking With a WordPress Plugin


A far-reaching and straightforward WordPress security module, Across the Board WP Security and Firewall, has a worked-in framework to counteract picture hotlinking. You better introduce the module and empower hotlinking protection in the setting. Aside from that, it includes some additional security and a firewall to your WordPress site. The module is famous, with 800,000+ active installs and 800+ five-star reviews. We should perceive how to empower hotlinking insurance with this module.


Step 1: Install and Activate All In One WP Security & Firewall Plugin

Sign in to your site and go to your dashboard. Introduce and enact Across the board WP Security and Firewall module simply like how you introduce some other modules in WordPress.

2: Configure the Firewall Settings

When introducing and acting the module, you need to arrange its firewall settings. Discover WP Security and go to Firewall >  Prevent Hotlinks. Checkmark on “Check this if you want to prevent hotlinking to images on your site.” choice at the base. Snap on “Save Settings” to apply the changes.

5: Renaming Image File Names

You can undoubtedly avoid hotlinking by renaming picture documents. For this, you have to know the hot-linked pictures first. Search hot-linked images on Google as in this instructional exercise above, then rename the picture documents. This will work for the photos that have been hot-linked as of now. In any case, it won’t ensure the probability of hotlinking further.

 6: Use the Watermark of the Logo or Brand Name on Your Images

You can utilize Watermarks on your site pictures. This will dishearten individuals to hotlink your photographs. Watermark distinguishes your photos regardless of where they are being used. Having your site name on your photographs will assist you with forestalling picture hotlinking in the end. You can likewise put your image name somewhere in your pictures. 

Shielding your site asset from burglary is your duty. There are awful individuals to duplicate your substance, utilize your help, and eat out your server space. You should take measures to defend your site from them. Forestalling picture hotlinking is one of the successful approaches to stop the abuse of your transfer speed. I trust this article causes you to spare your data transmission in WordPress destinations.

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