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How to Join PlayStation Party Chat on PC (2023)

How to Join PlayStation Party Chat on PC

Want to enjoy your video game with friends? If yes, you are at the right place to get the best tips for this fun. Due to your passion, the gaming tech wizard at Sony brings outstanding features to PlayStation Party Chat to cater to all PlayStation lovers worldwide.

About PlayStation Party Chat

PlayStation Party Chat is especially for PS4 and PS5, which works similarly to Discord’s features. It is inspiring because you can share your ideas during multiple games. This feature enables you to connect and communicate regardless of physical location. It is a voice chat that can be done without going back and forth between the chatbox and Bluetooth keyboard.

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Supported Devices with PlayStation Party Chat

First of all, you can run it on a PC. In contrast, this feature is quite simple when you stream on your system PS4 and PS5. You can access PlayStation Party from Android and iOS, as both are supported. 

Notice: Android 7.0 or above and iOS devices running on Version 12/1 or above are supported.

Method to Join PlayStation Party on PC

Two steps enable you to use it on a PC; although it is a simple process, both are compulsory.

  • PlayStation Remote Play Download and Set it up
  • Launch PlayStation Party Chat on PC or Mac

guidelines are mentioned here; first of all, we will talk about the following:

How to Download Remote Play

With RemotePlay, you can play all the PS4 and PS5 games on a PC. To perform the first step, use PlayStation Party Chat on your PC.

  • Open the Remote Play website and download the app to your PC. It is supported with Windows 10 and macOS High Sierra 10.13 or above.
  • Install the Remote Play app and move back to the PS4 or PS5. Now, navigate to Settings and enable Remote Play.
  • Activate the “Enable Turning on PS4/PS5 from Network”. If it is inactive, Remote Play will not stream, your PC will not detect any activity, and the console will remain silent. Once done, check the settings and put the PS4 or PS5 on sleep mode.
  • Make sure your PC and console connect to the same Wi-Fi.
  • Here, you need to optimize the Remote Play app settings for hardware. Your settings should match your console model, and there should be spaces on your PC. So, adjust the remote play settings.
  • After setup, up your controller, log in to PlayStation Network, and everything works properly. If facing any problem, then backtrack to Step Four.

How to Start PlayStation Party Chat on Your PC

Start the Remote Play settings on Your PC if you have done it.

  • If there is no game-breaking problem in the Remote Play app, there will be a microphone icon at the bottom of your PC screen to allow voice chat by clicking on the icon.
  • Press the PlayStation icon on your control. A quick menu will appear; navigate and choose Party.
  • Once you select the Party, you can see your friend’s groups. You can choose any group that you want to join.

Closing Thoughts

PlayStation Party Chat is a more inspiring feature for video gamers who want to connect with friends during game playing. If you are a PC user and use it on your system, this guide is best for you. Apply these ticks and enjoy their best features. 

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