How to Install Spinz TV on Kodi

How to Install Spinz TV on Kodi

SPINZ TV Builds is famous for providing custom builds and add-ons for Kodi, a well-known media centre application. You can stream and watch videos, music, and podcasts from the internet and local storage using Kodi. SPINZ TV Builds, like many other third-party developers in the Kodi community, offered pre-configured builds that included various addons, themes, and settings to enhance the user experience. These builds were designed to provide a streamlined and customized interface for Kodi users. Hard Nox Krypton is the most famous Spinz TV Kodi Build. Here are the details for installing Spinz TV on Kodi.

Steps to Install Spinz TV on Kodi

  • Download “Kodi”
  • Open “Home Screen”
  • Select “Addons”
  • Settings button”
  • “Enable Unknown Sources”
  • Return to “home screen”
  • Select the “Settings icon.”
  • Select “File Manager”
  • In the top box, Add Source:
  • Enter “SPINZ” in the “bottom box” and click OK
  • Return to “Home screen”
  • Select “Addons”
  • Select “Addon Browser”
  • Install from “zip file”
  • Select “SPINZ”
  • Enter
  • Wait for the “Addon enabled notification.”
  • Install from the repository
  • Program add-ons
  • SpinzTV
  • Install

 Wait to show the Addon-enabledAddon notification.

How to Install Spinz TV Wizard on Kodi

  • Open the Kodi app. 
  • Select Addons> Addons Browser from the main menu.
  • Click Install From Repository
  • Then click on SpinzTV
  • Click Program Addons
  • Then SpinzTV Wizard. 
  • Click Install.
  • A pop-up notification will show the addon enabled in a few seconds.

All is done; Spinz TV Wizard on Kodi is ready for streaming. 

How to Install Spinz TV Hard Nox Build on Kodi

First, you should have the updated Kodi version so all the Builds work correctly. Hard Nox Build performs well with Kodi v17 and above. It is user-friendly as all the content is added in relevant categories. So here are details on how to install it.

  • Start Kodi.
  • Select Addons, then Program Addons, and then SpinzTV Wizard.
  • Select option Builds.
  • Scroll down and search Spinz-Tv Hard Nox Krypton [Version no.]. Or You can choose any of your favourite Builds.
  • From the following options, choose Standard Install. Fresh Install can also be used.
  • A fresh install option will re-install the Kodi with Hard Nox Build. The Standard Install option will add the Hard Nox Build to the existing Kodi app.
  • A pop-up box will show you if you want to download and install. Choose Yes, and Install.
  • Download and install.
  • After that, a pop-up box will appear and ask if you want to force close or reload your profile. Click Force Close.

Now restart Kodi and give the new build a few minutes to properly load bui,ld consecutive menus, and update the add-ons.