How and why do Some Foods Cause Arthritis Pain to Worsen

Arthritis food tips

Inflammation and pain in joints called Arthritis. Arthritis is severe in pain and feels worst in winter due to cold.  Arthritis is in more than 200 types that affect the joints and tissues that connective and surround with joints. Medically you will prescribe for drugs and sometimes there is a surgical fix.  Some foods also cause joints pain, Foods that you choose may hurt the joints. You may avoid it by taking the diet which is best for arthritis. These tips and tricks may be very helpful to make a diet plan for arthritis patients to get relief.

Maintaining a healthy weight

Overweight is also an important cause of arthritis, as overweight puts extra weight on the joints, and the excess fat may because of more inflammation.

Make a habit of the walk and do exercise as possible as you can do. Take a healthy and balanced diet. Use more vegetables and especially green leafy vegetables. Get fit for a healthy lifestyle.


More use of sugar results from an increase of AGEs that may be the reason for inflammation. Sugar is a cause of various diseases due to the cytokines and it also increases the arthritis pain. So, avoid candies, white flour baked goods, processed foods and soda to decrease the pain. In fact, research suggested that obesity can cause more active and severe rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis.

Refined Grains

Refined grains included white rice and white flour contains very little nutritional properties. These have been linked to the increased inflammatory markers in the blood. This increasing level of inflammation is worst for joints pain, even it may also increase the risk for many other inflammatory conditions, like diabetes and heart diseases. After eating wheat if you feel any type of migraines, rashes or joint pain, then you are sensitive to gluten. Because refined grains are easy digestive, and your body reacts it like it does sugar. You may use all grains to decrease inflammation, but don’t use any good made from white flour. You should leave or replace refined grains from your diet.

Saturated Fat

Butter, meat, and cheese having saturated fats. According to a new study, eating food that high in fat, especially saturated fatty acids. This kind of inflammation is very dangerous for the heart and worst for the joints pain. Red meat also contains advanced glycation end products and AGEs increase inflammation.  Different cooking methods like grilling, frying, roasting and toasting with high-temperature AGEs form. As high levels are linked with such type of diseases heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure other.

Omega 6 Fatty Acids

According to a study found that using a high quantity of Omega 3 may lower the inflammation and joints pain and some of the omega-6. Omega-3 is greatly valued to decrease inflammation. Omega 6 fatty acids may support the body to produce chemicals that can cause inflammation. Food that contains omega 6 is a sunflower, vegetable oil, safflower, and related products. You may use walnut, flaxseed canola oil and olive oil instead of Omega 6.

Avoid using trans-fat and commercial oil for the best protection.


Alcohol is not dangerous for people who are suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. According to some researches that if you are taking 5-10 grams of alcohol a day help you from increasing rheumatoid arthritis.

If you are facing joints pain, Alcohol can be dangerous and increase arthritis. 

Processed Foods

Processed foods are very harmful due to its many such ingredients that cause inflammation. The most dangerous thing is trans fats, baked goods, snakes and prepackaged foods. These all types of foods contain trans fats and they develop the inflammation.  Trans fats are in snakes, bread, microwave popcorn, potato fries, snakes, nondairy creamer, margarine, and fridge dough. To avoid these all foods that are a cause of inflammation and arthritis.


Salt that makes the food more delicious and our body need salt to operate, although salt is good the over usage of salt may cause various diseases like high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke, and kidney diseases. Over usage of salt makes cells attract water such as a sponge, so the low usage of salt may decrease calcium loss from bones, decrease the fracture risk and osteoporosis. Salt may a reason for cellular inflammation and bad for joint health.

You can cut the salt if you stop taking processes of food and fried food as both are highly salted food. Also, avoid the extra usage of salt. Once you will be able to take less salty foods, you will see your whole body healthier.

Final Words

These are all the foods that can make your arthritis worse and joints damaged. The use of medication is to low the pain but must avoid foods that cause inflammation in your body and by doing this you can get relief from arthritis pain. You just need to replace some of the good foods with bad foods, you will soon be healthier and experience less pain.

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