Hair Transplant Procedures and Cost

Hair transplant procedure and cost

Like good health, good hair is also a blessing. However, more often than not we take these blessings for granted. As a result, we end up with poor health and a balding head. Only then we realize the gravity of the situation. Both these blessings can be retrieved if we realize it early. But if we keep delaying it because of one reason or the other, we will lose them for good. So, if you love your hair, don’t keep worrying about the hair transplant cost or the recovery period. Identify the right hair transplant procedure and get it done as soon as possible.

Below we have shared some of the most popular types of hair transplants and their cost. Go through them to find the one that suits you.

What is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure. It uses hair grafts or follicles from the donor areas to implant in the bald spots or hair thinning areas. Since the hair follicles are taken from a person’s own body, there are very few chances of complications.

The procedure is quite old as it originated in the 1950s, however, in recent years the techniques have developed significantly.

There are several types of hair transplant but your doctor determines the one that suits you the best. He/she will guide you about the pros and cons of the procedure which includes the hair transplant cost, too.

Let’s discuss the types of hair transplant in detail.

Types of Hair Transplant

While several hair transplant types are being used around the globe, there are 2 major types. These are the ones with the least chances of complications. Moreover, both techniques have proved to be quite successful among patients.

The two major types of hair transplant are:

  1. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

There is a new technique being used nowadays which combines both the above-mentioned techniques. It is known as Hybrid Hair Transplant.

Below we have discussed the two major hair transplant procedures in detail.

1.    Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

In a Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT), a 6-10 inch long strip is removed from the back of the patient’s head. The scalp is then sutured and the donor area is hidden under the hair.

From the strip, the surgeon will extract tiny hair follicles/grafts. The number of healthy hair follicles ranges between 500-2000. Some grafts have an individual follicle while some have more than one.

Once the desired number of hair follicles has been acquired, the surgeon will clean the scalp. The recipient area will be made numb to minimize the pain. He will make tiny holes or slits with the help of a needle or a scalpel. The extracted hair follicles will then be implanted in the holes.

The process is invasive and requires precision and care. Therefore, depending on the number of grafts to be implanted, it will take around 4-8 hours. Moreover, follow-up sessions will be required after a few months if the hair starts thinning again.

2.              Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique is preferred by those who do not want a linear scar on their scalp.

In FUE, the surgeon, instead of taking out a strip of skin from the back of the scalp, extracts individual hair follicles. To do this, the back of the scalp is shaved and then hair follicles are extracted one by one. These hair follicles are then transplanted into the bald spots.

As for healing, in FUE, the donor area will heal with tiny dots that are less visible than a linear scar.

Hair Transplant Cost 

The cost of a hair transplant varies from patient to patient and clinic to clinic. It typically ranges from $4,000 to $15,000. However, these figures may vary depending on your condition. The hair transplant cost is determined by different factors. Moreover, most insurance companies don’t cover the cost as they term hair transplant as a cosmetic procedure. So, before undergoing the procedure, make sure you know the policies of your insurance company.

The factors that influence the hair transplant cost include:

1.    Location

The hair transplant cost depends on the location of the patient. For instance, for a patient living in the US, the cost may be different than a patient living in Dubai. Moreover, within the same country, costs vary in different cities. This depends on the number of surgeons available in a location and the demand for the procedure in that location.

2.              Technique

The cost of a hair transplant depends on the technique selected for a transplant. Usually, two techniques are used for hair transplants including FUT and FUE. The FUE hair transplant has a wide range of costs ranging from $25 to $12,850. However, for FUT, the cost is usually charged per graft which can be as high as $7 per graft.

3.              Surgeon’s Expertise

Another factor influencing the cost of a hair transplant is the surgeon’s experience. The top of the list surgeons usually charges more than newer ones. However, higher charges don’t determine their level of skill. So, don’t fall for number and do thorough research before finalizing a surgeon.

4.              Area for Transplant

If you need a hair transplant in a small area, it will cost you less. So, the more area you need to be covered, the higher the price will become.

5.              Travel Cost

Sometimes, people travel from another city, state, or country to get a hair transplant. In those cases, travel costs should also be considered in the overall cost of a transplant. You should know how much the ticket will cost and how much you need for a one or two-night stay at a hotel. After you have all the numbers, only then you can make a decision.


Several factors are included in making the decision about getting a hair transplant. The hair transplant cost is one of them. While cost is a huge factor, it shouldn’t be the only factor to influence your decision. Thoroughly research different options and make a well-informed decision. It will save you from a lot of complications in the future.

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