Google’s Quantum Computer Can Calculate 10,000 Years Record in Just 3 Min & 20 Sec

Google's Quantum Computer Can Calculate 10,000 Years Record in Just 3 Min & 20 Sec

Google makes a computer that can perform a computation that can take up to 100,000 years in 200 seconds. Alphabet Inc. Google has been calling it the “quantum supremacy” and has been labeled as the fastest supercomputer.

Hartmut Neven, the Google engineering director, is of the view that this achievement was a result of the dedication and research of many people involved in the process. He also revealed that the research community has many open-sourced tools that will work on finding and implementing other new technologies alongside.

The computer was built on the idea of quantum computing for which was meant to improve the processing speed and enhance the ability to lead different physics and chemical processes. It does not use the classical binary storing system which stores the information in 0 and 1. Instead, these new quantum computers rely on “qubits” which are 0 and 1thatbut they can both exist simultaneously automatically increasing the quantity of information which can be coded.

Now, the big tech companies are in a new competition for developing quantum computers have and some of them are even successful since many advance products are available commercially. Canada D-Wave Inc. is the first company to sell such producers to the business system and government labs. More so, big names like IBM, Google, and California devised different startups to promote the provision of powerful machines to business.

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