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How to Fix Failed to Add New Steam Library Folder

Failed to Add New Steam Library Folder

Failed to add new steam library folder error can cause when a user tries Steam client to install a game on the new Steam library or a default Steam library on a new drive. It shows the error and creates a problem to proceed with the installation process.

Causes of Failed to add new Steam library folder” error

The leading cause of this error is when Stream client used to download or update a game or a new game. But during the procedure of downloading or an update, the Steam client interfered with creating a new Steam library process, so it appears the failed to add new Steam library error.

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How to fix “Failed to add new Steam library folder” error

The quick solution to this issue is to stop or pause the Steam client running downloading or updating and retry this process again on your system. After this, check if the error is resolved or not.

“Failed to add new steam library folder must be writable” error

If you face this error, it shows that Steam fails to write on the disk drive, where you try to create the new Steam library folder. Many users experienced that it can cause Steam not having sufficient permission to do so.

You are using the directory or drive to add the new Steam library. This error was set to Read-only mode, or due to insufficient privileges, the drive is not writeable or accessible by your Windows user account.

Here are the steps to fix the error:

  • Run the Steam as administrator, enabling it to write on the disk drive.
  • Make sure they are not set to Read-only mode.
  • Now on the drive’s root directory, create a new Steam Library folder, like, D:\SteamLibrary instead of D:\Program Files\SteamLibrary.

“Failed to add new steam library folder must be empty” error

Most users experienced this error showing a faulty or lousy hierarchy of folders already existing in the Steam library folders.

If there is on drive or directory where you try to create a new Steam library, a Steam Library folder already exists. Then try to build a new Steam library on a separate folder on the exact location like D:\games\SteamLibrary.

If you face the error while installing the game on an existing Steam library, create a new steam library in a different folder on the same drive.

Now install the game on the new steam library you have recently created. In the library, make the proper hierarchy of folders. Once done, move all the steam games from the new library to the old library.

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