Effects of Stress on Mind, Body, and Hair

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Stress the most dangerous fact of life and create many health problems in different ways. no one is free from stress, everyone has stress experience more often than others and some of the people have seriously dealt with stress. It is a natural reaction.

causes of stress in someone may be of some concern to another. Stress is harmful to everyone but some people have the ability to handle stress. So in many people, it comes in different forms.

People take stress in different ways some people it might be the stress due to tough and busy work schedule, sometimes a relationship bring stress for you, such as some students may be the stress due to tough study, Reasons don’t affect when coming different threats in our mind, and different emotions response or stress is triggered.

everyone has some stress it may not be harmful to health, but when you feel stress for a long time and without any critical situation, it can be harmful (chronic) stress conditions.

Chronic or serious condition of stress is dangerous for both mind and body and create very harmful effects on health. Let’s discuss the ways how stress affects the body, mind, and hair.

Effects of Stress on the Mind

Effects of Stress on memory

During stress brain releases corticosteroids, that prompt the amygdala to tell the hippocampus to consolidate memory and learning. By damaging the hippocampus, it causes memory loss and you start to forget things in the long run. It creates very harmful effects on the mind and the loss of memory is the main factor. it really damages the ability to remember stuff.

Stress Kills brain cells

According to the research of a study researches from the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science, that very small social stress even can because of killing new neurons in the brain’s hippocampus.

They have done this through an experiment with rats, apart from memory loss, the hippocampus is the main area of the brain that is responsible for neurogenesis, and to formate the new brain cells.

So try to leave chronic stress for fresh and active memory.

Stress the highest risk of mental issues

chronic stress is a big cause of creating depression, hypertension, anxiety and such type of many others. It is a very critical mental situation.

The research suggested that stress may cause brain change for a long time. and the study suggested that these changes can be harmful to develop various mental disorders. It creates negative effects on the brain’s hippocampus, which is the main part of the brain located in the medial temporal lobe.

Effect of Stress on the Body

Stress hurt the immune system

As chronic stress causes many illnesses and diseases and the immune system are one of them. The basic kind of immune cells are white blood cells, it may reduce the immune system’s ability of antigens is decreased when you are passing with stress. With a long time of stress, cortisol( stress hormone) will weaken the immune system. People with chronic stress can suffer quickly to developing any infections. Due to stress, the injury may not be healing up quickly.

Stress can affect the digestive system

Stress may be a cause of blood and oxygen flow reduction to the stomach, so in this way, it keeps upset to our digestive system and experiences symptoms such as vomiting and nausea as well. It may also be a cause of inflammation and an imbalance in gut bacteria. It may increase the flare-up of an existing ulcer. Due to chronic stress, you may suffer from many other diseases like constipation, diarrhea, and stomachache.

Stress can cause diabetes

chronic stress is a cause of high diabetes, it generally increases blood sugar levels. Due to stress body could not keep up with this increasing surge of glucose and it can higher the blood glucose level dangerously. Stress is the cause of increasing type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is dangerous and killer disease that can actively take years of life.

Stress can cause heart disease

Chronic stress is a big cause of increased blood sugar, blood cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure. These diseases are bad for cardiovascular health. stress that conveniently makes the faster to heart pumps blood and cortisol causes the blood vessels to constrict the extra oxygen to the muscles. when people live in this situation for a long time, it increases the blood pressure at risk level and high blood pressure is a big cause of heart attack and stroke.

Stress can create respiratory disorders

when you live under stress it can make it difficult to breathe. In a situation of stress to increase the distribution of oxygen-rich blood to the body in a fast way the breathing system becomes faster. If you are suffered from asthma then it can create a problem for you and increase asthma.

Effects of Stress on the Hair and skin

Stress can cause skin problem

stresses damage the skin badly when a person becomes stressed, the cortisol level rises. It developed oil production, and it leads an oily skin so acne appears on the skin and other related problems.

Stress can cause hair fall

There can be a lot of reasons why men and women lose their hair, but stress may be the basic cause of unexplained hair loss. when someone suffered from stress, hair can go through the hair fall. stress very bad effect on the hair it makes the hair dry, weak and thinner. stress can make the scalp dry and itchy.

No one is safe from stress, most people suffered from stress. Here are some of the easy and simple tips and tricks that can help you to decrease your stress level.

Friends and Family are important

Friends and family play a very important role to keep you happy, they can help you get through stressful times. With friends, you live happy and busy and the thoughts that can make you stressed will not come to your mind. According to a study, women live more relax with friends and children, a natural stress reliever. Live in the company of friends is beneficial for men and women. Try to spend your best time with friends and family.

Try to live Happy

Laughing kills your sadness and gives you a fresh-minded feeling. You laugh more when you are happy and it is good for a healthy lifestyle. It is a way you can relieve stress. Laughing is not only good for stress release even it is best for the immune system.


Exercise is a very important factor that you can combat stress. it is best for overall health that keeps you active and smart and your sense of well being. Exercise is not only beneficial for physical health even it has some direct stress-busting advantages. It makes the endorphins pump up and it is best for brains’ feel well neurotransmitters all the physical activities. You can take a yoga class.

exercise is best to decrease the hormone that can cause stress called cortisol for a long time.

Good sleep is very important for stress to relieve. exercise improves sleep quality. Make a regular schedule of exercise to keep the body more confident and competent, as a result, it promotes mental wellbeing. you may use walking, climbing, dancing and such type of activities.

Take supplements

If your Dr suggests you some medicines because medicines promote stress and anxiety reduction. consider that supplements on the time. Some medicines have side effects also, so must consult with Dr before using any medicines. You may apply some tips at home also take green tea it contains polyphenol antioxidants that provide health benefits and helps to reduce anxiety and stress levels. Take salmon, albacore, trout, halibut, walnut, flaxseed oil these foods are filled with omega-3 fatty acid which is helpful to reduce 20% anxiety symptoms.

Decrease the quantity of caffeine intake

Avoid tea, coffee, chocolates, and energy drinks as the high doses can because of increasing anxiety.

Chew Gum

chew gum is one of the best and fast ways to relieve stress. According to a study by chewed gum, it gives a greater sense of wellbeing and lower stress. it pumps up the blood flow to the brain and best for the brain. When you chew it more strongly it relieves you from the stress. It is a way that keeps you busy without any activity.

Deep Breathing

when you are mentally upset it affects the nervous system and brings you in an emotional and fight mode. it increases the heartbeat and causes of high blood pressure. This deep breathing exercise may activate the parasympathetic nervous system. It helps you to slow the heartbeat and you will feel more peaceful.

Final words

Stress is such a type of disease that can be started from a workplace, it can be if you are at home or at any time. But the matter is how you can control it. These activities help you to protect yourself or decrease your stress level. Make a habit of some healthy lifestyle activities, such as exercise, laughing, music, writing and spend time with friends and family.

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