Top 10 Putlocker Alternatives to Watch Movies

Putlocker alternatives

It Want the best Putlocker, as it is vital for people who want more and more online streaming. But first, confirm whether it is safe to use or not. However, Putlockers are safe for streaming if you use a high-quality VPN for secure streaming.
Most of the Putlockers shared illegal shows and movies. It depends on the presented local laws; moreover, you can face legal issues for streaming copyrighted content. You can face it if any file opens.
In 2016, UK authorities banned the accurate Putlocker site, and as a result, many other Putlocker sites emerged. When you try to find some Putlocker sites, you will see many websites in the results, and most people use these sites as they all provide movies and TV shows.
Along with all the facts shown, free movies and TV shows are illegal.
You cannot hide things because your internet services provider knows all the streaming details, so in case of a lawsuit, the ISP will provide the facts as they don’t want to get involved. So before streaming, you should know about it.
We cannot refuse the reality that many people use these free Putlockers websites for streaming, so it is tough for authorities to guard it properly. So, from here, you can learn about some authentic services to admire in this Putlockers alternative review. Below-mentioned websites, like Putlockers, are found with a VPN and tested Putlocker that I will mention for you. So, along with this, you should be aware of warnings before going to these best Putlocker alternatives for free streaming.
Top and Most Used Putlockers Alternative sites similar to put lockers

  1. NetFlix Starting payment from $11 Monthly: It is the most used Putlocker alternative as it is safe and suitable for TV shows and movies. You will find it the best selection, allowing you to watch monthly subscriptions unlimitedly.
    I have experience using Netflix and want to recommend it due to its organized interface. You can easily find out which you want due to its well organized. Even there is no other offering the range of content that Netflix provides.
    One thing you will have to face while using NetFlix is that the number of new content provided on Netflix can be limited, and the titles will not show that can be for some time. It also has a very appreciative feature: creating various profiles with a single account and sharing your favourite content with family and friends.
  2. Hulu: It is another excellent and safest Putlocker alternative. It is the second-best Putlocker. However, its rates are lower than Netflix’s and show the latest and past TV shows. While using it, you can watch many updated TV shows on famous networks and the other shows available on cable TV only.
    It is an outstanding fact it allows you to access the updated season of a show, and you can also access most of the seasons. You can watch there an insufficient quantity of movies. Something that irritates you is that Hulu also shows commercials with paid subscriptions. Along with it, you will enjoy many of the high-quality original programs on Hulu.
    But the range of TV shows will impress you. You will see that the interface of Hulu is not very good, and you will also face difficulty finding popular TV show seasons.

Here are some of the free streaming Putlockers new sites:


SolarMovies, is a good Putlocker alternative as it provides an extensive collection of movies in the organized categories section. It offers free streaming from Putlocker, a good site like
You can create an account with SolarMovies, but you can use it without doing so. You will get high-quality content here, and you will like it.
Due to privacy, anti-privacy groups sometimes change the website’s name, but it is not hurt. You can find it with a little try. You will find it overall a good Putlocker alternative.


If you want high-quality streaming movies for free, then there is only the best option: the Niter Putlocker alternative. It offers you many updated old and new releases movies, including the most updated ones. You will like it with Niter, and you will as you are watching Netflix.
When you use it, you will find it better than Putlockers in its different forms nowadays. The managing system of the Niter is imposing, and it gives you the best categories on the home page, including the latest movies and their site. You can easily search for a film of your choice and can search along with genre and year of release. You will not find any buffering as it has excellent speed.


It is a perfect Putlocker alternative and a popular movie and TV show streaming provider website. You will get more than thousands of TV shows and movies on this website that will impress you. If you are blocked from this site initially, you can use any Best VPN to get around it. FMovies has high-quality content, and you can also download it. Whether you want to watch or download it immediately is up to you. It provides very fast downloading, and you can enjoy it whenever you are offline. You will get new movies and TV shows on FMovies and the best collection of older content. You will not find any content that you dislike, but the fact is that the anti-privacy brigade is onto it so that you can find it, and you couldn’t get it in your area.

123 Movies

I suggest the 123 Movies interface; you will find it a great Putlocker alternative. There is a significant collection of movies and TV Shows; apart from this, you can also watch Asian Dramas, cartoons, and anime. One thing you find different is that third parties provide content that sometimes could not be affiliated. It can make the website a little kind of legal but dodgy. You will find very high-quality content very quickly. Although getting everything according to your choice at this Putlocker is hard, you can stream the content well. It has a good layout and organization that you will like.

Ios Movies

Ios Movies Putlocker alternative has an extensive catalog of TV Shows and Movies in various genres you want. You can use it very simply and quickly to find the content. You can also get an idea about trending trends. This Putlocker could show the content with subtitles. One strange thing is that you have to face an unlikely popup that you don’t want to see.
The Ios Movies is also better than Putlocker in some ways. Its interface is good, and the selection is. But the popups make you irritate while installing ad bock on the browser.

Watch Online Series:

Watch online series is one of the best resources for TV series fans. It is an excellent site that you could not find a website like this Putlocker alternative. The website has a massive quantity of TV show content, and it takes time to access the right domain extension. It won’t be accessible according to your location. You may quickly watch TV series online if you are a fan of the Simpsons or the Sopranos. Get the best TV Shows in HD, and the website will offer some mirror links should things go wrong. Some ads stream Online Series, so install an ad blocker. For free online, watching movies but not any other Pulocker alternative is better than watching TV Series.


There are unlimited movies and TV series Putlocker alternatives. Popcornflix offers high-speed streaming and excellent-quality content. You can find all types of movies, from romantic to action and sci-fi. You can select any of the best films from a vast category list by clicking the right button towards the bottom of the page. There is no buffering problem, and the movie player loaded very fast. Popcornflix is a Putlocker alternative with the best quality movies you want. Its search function is excellent and will quickly search the movies. You will like the movie player.


Rainerland is one of the very best Putlocker alternatives. You will find good content on this alternative to Putlocker and see all the updated movies on the home page. This Putlocker only offers the best quality film, and no TV show is available. Everything is straightforward to use and has a good interface. You need to just a single click and watch. Its streaming is speedy, and the quality of content is outstanding. You will get a cinema section in Rainerland and many handpicking movies from all genres. Once you use it, you will find it a great Putlocker alternative.

Final Words

If you want to be safe, no other option is to be safe from Netflix. Hulu is suitable for TV shows and less expensive. So, to enjoy free movie sites, you can select any of the best places from the list mentioned.

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