Best Morning routine to live a healthy life

Best Morning routine to live a healthy life

Your whole day activities depend on your strong morning routine, leading to more success, which is a key to motivation that allows you to get your aims with great ease. Health is wealth, so to live a healthy life, make your routines strong. Here are some of the best tips that can really keep you fit and make you a good morning human being.

1. Hit Snooze… Or At Least Set Your Alarm 50 Minutes Later


Waking up early in the morning is all fit and excellent if your routine of work allows you than joining the 5 a.m. First of all, you have to care for your rest time if you work late and go to bed past 9 p.m. You should consider that as sleep is important for a healthy life. 8 to 9 hours of sleep is very important for good health and to live active, Low level, as well as an excess of it, is always considering dangerous for life.

So, here’s what experts recommend:

  • Make a proper routine of picking a bedtime and wake up time and strictly follow it, you should sleep for 8 hours although it can be 9-5 or 12-8, do what works for the body and adhere to it every day
  • Set a thirty-minute pre-bedtime routine that supports your wind down (read a magazine, meditate, do a brain dump, and then turn off the lights)
  • Blackout your room and turn the thermostat to 67 F
  • Take low carb high-fat snacks such as almond butter or celery sticks, you can stop eating three hours before going to bed
  • Turn off all the lights 60 minutes before sleep

These all things if you will adopt, make sure their activities will accelerate your fitness journey and you will feel amazing during this process.

2. Skip the Gym

Although most of the businessmen and CEOs swearing by their workouts in the morning time, Various researches show that the best exercise time in the day is around three to four PM.

If you can manage, then try to skip the gym in the morning time and will suggest you for an afternoon training session instead.

If your schedule does not allow you then a morning workout is fine, Just be sure to take a Healthy breakfast before go so you have enough energy to get through it. 

Talking about breakfast…

3. Take a High Fat/Protein Breakfast… Or Just Don’t Eat

The first thing in the morning that shoots up is cortisol levels that help you to wake up. So when the cortisol levels increase then do your insulin levels. It means that this is the bad time of the day for the body to consume carbohydrates.

Try to take in the morning the stick to high fat and protein breakfast such as eggs (protein, green smoothie) or just don’t take. Don’t take early morning carbs on any costs.

4. Pound Lemon Water and a Greens Mix

To get active your body and to save your energy levels, you need to get a start of the day with one serving of a green superfood and 12 oz of lemon water (athletic greens is a good option)

Don’t take coffee until the cortisol levels drop around 10 a.m. By doing this you will see the consistent energy levels throughout the whole day without any insane caffeine crashes.

5. Feed Your Mind with Positivity and Motivation

If you want to keep yourself as fit as possible then morning matters a lot. And what you do with the rest of the day also matters.

If you follow the tips, mentioned here but then sabotage your output by munching on donuts and twinkies the rest of the day, the fitness process is screwed.

To keep continue this process, I suggested feeding the more valuable muscle in your whole system. ooh, your brain (yes, I know, it’s not technically a muscle).

There are many other ways to learn about health you can watch an uplifting YouTube video, listen to different health podcast and you can read a book also.

Always think positive and feed your mind with healthy messages and it will be much easier for you to stick to habits later in the day.

 6. Workout Less But Better

Although you are working in the mornings or afternoons, you should consider something counterintuitive.

Work out LESS but in a productive way. You can Do tough resistance training 3x for a week and sprint once.

Do not practice train tough more than four days a week and don’t do it on a daily basis. 

In starting your body couldn’t handle this type of stimulus unless you are one insane or two) on tons of anabolic.

By limiting the workouts to 3x a week, it will help you to recover best and workout harder over the long run and which is eventually what will keep you the fittest version of yourself.

7. Remember the 80/20 Rule

It doesn’t matter if you are spending 20% part of your week at the gym. If you are spending 80% time of the day sitting on your butt working, you won’t be healthy.

To be healthy, only the gym is not enough you have to live an active lifestyle, beyond the gym.

You can set a timer during your working time for 25 minutes. when it goes off, get up, stretch and do some calisthenics. try to do walk in the middle part of the day. you can do between a standing and sitting desk. By doing some walk your half of the day will be good and you will freshness and active.

Do more than it that you can do to live a more healthy, mobile and active lifestyle.

The same applies to diet.

Eat your favorite foods and don’t give up. Eat more vegetables, fruits, meats, and nuts but make sure that you are eating eighty percent of the calories from healthy whole food resources.

If you will continue this routine, you will definitely reach your fitness goals.

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