How to Kayo and Binge au/activate kayo

If you are a sports lover, then Kayo is your most wanted. Kayo is an Australian game-changing sports streaming platform. Kayo’s owner, Streamotion, provides you with your favourite sports events live and on-demand from the belN, Fox Sports, and others. So here we will enable you to activate Kayo on smart TV @ au/activate. Kayo is a golden thing for sports lovers, they should learn about it. 

How to Activate Kayo via au/activate

Kayo is the most used streaming service platform worldwide; millions of people use it to watch their favourite sports events. Kayo is compatible with all devices, including PC, smartphones, Apple TV and more. Kayo is the best resource for live sports streaming and is budget-friendly. 

Here is guidelines about The Zeus Network Activate Roku, Apple, Fire TV

How can I Activate Kayo on my Device?

No matter what device you use, a tablet, smartphone, pc or Apple TV, you must just log in to your Kayo account from your Device. If you are not registered already on Kayo, creating an account in a few steps is a simple process. 

  •  Download the KAYO app on your Smart TV.
  •  Launch it on your Smart TV
  •  An activation code with eight digits will appear. Remember the code or note it down.
  •  Now open your browser in your using Device (PC/Tablet/Mobile) and enter the URL 
  •  Now, enter the code you previously received on the official website.
  •  Tap on the Continue Button.
  •  Once you enter the code, the Device will be activated.
  •  Your account is ready now, and you can now fully set to stream your favourite sports events in the Kayo app.

Here it would help if you had this network connectivity on the smart TV and the Device where you tend to activate the code by using the official website. 

How to activate Kayo using QR-Code

Here is a quick method to activate the Kayo app on Smart TVs using a QR-Code. This is a simple process, but the feature is unavailable to every Device. When you log in to your Kayo app, it will show you whether QR-Code activation is available on your Device or not. Activate Kayo using QR-Code through this process. 

Open the installed Kayo app on a smart TV. If the app is still not installed, Android users install it from the Play Store or the default TV store. 

  • Click on Sign in. If your Device supports the QR-Code, then the image will appear below. 
  • Now, on your Smartphone, scan the QR-Code appears on your TV Screen, which will redirect to the Kayo official activation page URL
  • The Six Digit Code will be fetched by the browser. Here click the confirm icon.
  •  Once, click the “Confirm” icon. Your TV will sign in automatically; now, choose your profile to enjoy streaming

How to install Kayo on Android TV

Like other processes activating Kayo on Android TV is quite simple, just follow the steps to Activate Kayo on Android TV :

  • You can activate Kayo on Android TV OS 7 or more 
  • Find the Kayo sports app from the Android store and download it
  • After downloading, install the Kayo app
  • Login to the Kayo app with the credentials you provided during sign-up. Once you log in successfully, you can now enjoy your favourite content

How to activate Kayo on Airplay to TV


  • To activate the Kayo app through Airplay on TV you need an iOS device with an operating system of 11 or more, a TV with an HDMI port and a fast Wi-Fi connection. 
  • Now login to Kayo with your credentials for a signup, and your iOS and Apple TV should be connected with the same Wi-Fi. 
  • On Airplay, you can watch only a single video, and Split videos are not accessible. To watch the Split Videos, you must use a PC Safari browser. 
  • You can also choose the Airplay on your Device during video playing
  • After that, the selected video will Airplay on your TV
  • Control keys like pause, play, fast forward, the key moment, and rewind will be operated by the iOS Device 

How to Activate BING on Apple TV through au/activate

To watch the BING programs on Apple TV, you must activate the BING App on Smart Apple TV. Activate BINGE App on Apple TV through these points.

  • Go to the App TV Store and find BINGE app. Install the BINGE APP in the Entertainment section of Apple TV.
  • Click on the BINGE App and start the BINGE Screen
  • Now sing in the BINGE App
  • A code will appear on the BINGE App screen, note it.
  • Open the URL  Enter 6 Digit Code and click on the Confirm icon! Now TV will sign in automatically, now select your profile and enjoy streaming!

Why “ au/activate access denied” Error Occur

Kayo is accessible only in Australia, so if you try to access the activation URL out of region or country, your browser shows you an error message au/activate access denied. If you are from Australia and facing this au/activate kayo error, go to your browser setting and select country.

How to Fix au/activate not working?

If au/activate is not working, or an error occurs while activating the BINGE or Kayo app, then you can resolve the problem by using these steps.

  • It would help if you were on the same network during the process, visiting the website and code activating.
  • Refresh your browser if the activation process is continued for a long time.
  • If still, you are facing the error, then contact to help service of Kayo.

Kayo Cost

The basic subscription to Kayo is $25, and the premium package the Kayo is $35 monthly. If you want to enjoy sports events without irritation, these packages are not expensive.

Final Thoughts

Kayo is the best sports platform and the number one choice to stream sports channels in Australia. Hope these simple guidelines to activate Kayo sports TV channels on different devices will help you. https // au/activate on your devices and enjoy your favourite content.


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