Best XResolver Alternatives PS4 & Xbox Gamertag to IPs


Online console games have now become the most famous activity worldwide. These games enable a person to interact and make friends while playing a game and also contribute to creating healthy competitive events, as many users play the game via an alias or Gamertag.

So xResolver is the most famous website tool; here you know the details.

About xResolver?

xResolver is an online platform that parses the player IDs and Gamertags from PlayStation and Xbox users to readable the IP format. It is also known as the PlayStation resolver or Xbox resolver. It’s a database that scrapes the player’s data, like ISP data, aliases, and IP addresses.

It performs by using advanced algorithms to find confidential info. From some points of view, it is also helpful because it can show your online identity so that others can see it easily. xResolver claims to its users that:

It is said that the captured data should be public and exposed online legally. It depends on the users and how it is used.

If you want to delete or get your Gamertag blacklisted on the website, you must pay for it.

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Best xResolver Alternatives



Xboxresolver is a free web tool that captures the IP addresses from an Xbox Live Gamertag. When you enter a player’s Gamertag, you can see their IP address, location, ISP data, and username.

Users complained about the slow loading of this site. However, refreshing the page and clearing the browser’s cache can resolve the issue.

Lanc Remastered PCPs

Lanc Remastered PCP is an open-source app for packet sniffing and network monitoring. It is a free tool and is supported by many browsers. You can retrieve the IP addresses while playing games on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, and as a Gamertags, it stores the data in their database.

This tool is straightforward and a great source of interaction with other users. As a resolver, you can use it to find a specific user, Gamertag, or alias in their database.

PS4 Booter

PS4 Booter is a similar tool to Xboxonebooter. It is a handy tool to find, grab, and boot the IP addresses of players on the PlayStation network. It’s the PS4 counterpart of the Xbox web tool with similar developers. It is simple to use, and you can 

Learn here the way to boot the other users online.  


Xboxonebooter is one of the best free IP booter tools. It provides the same web services as x Resolver and services to pull, grab, and boot the IP addresses. It can be used online and offline in both situations.

This tool also describes how to boot other players’ IP addresses. Its features are outstanding because it works more than tracing a player’s username, location, and details. It is elementary to use and provides you with the best information.


XboxReplay is an open-source and free tool to find Gamertags through its database through a web search. It is also used to search the online shared Xbox clips and screenshots. It lets you download, share, and view the game’s DVR content. You will enjoy it because this tool is free of ads.

When you find you want Gamertag, the tool will show you the details about IP, location, and ISP data.


OctoSniff is an IP sniffer supported by many console models from Xbox and PlayStation. It filters out the packets and decrypts their related usernames. Using the OctoSniff, you can retrieve packages from different games on Xbox and link IP addresses to the usernames in the PlayStation games.

Although its free trial is available, you must get the paid version to use all its features.


ConsoleSniffer is a tool that works for monitoring and research. It works on multiplayer games, is compatible with Windows, and works as an IP puller without jailbreak. It supports detecting the user’s IP address, IPS, and geolocation.

To use this tool, you have to pay $20 to download and use it. You can pay via Bitcoin, Credit cards, and PayPal. ConsoleSniffer is compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, and VPN.

Final Thoughts

xRresolver is the first choice for all Xbox and PS4 lovers. It grabs the IP addresses of other players, and it is pretty interesting to know about your fellow players through these IP grabbers. These monitoring apps and websites can also harm you by exposing your personal information online.

Use these xResolver alternatives and make your games more fun and exciting.


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