Best Free Sports Streaming Apps

Video streaming apps

Video streaming is getting more popular as people invest in video streaming and apps. You can also enjoy your favourite sports events online with excellent streaming Apps.

During the covid, different channels provided the best online streaming, such as ESPN started their own sports-specific online streaming services that are accessible on various subscription-based options.

Individual sports leagues NFL, NHL. MLB the world offers streaming events and regular stations to watch sports events via individual subscriptions.

Different options, such as for an existing cable package, best add-on packages, and streaming on all devices.

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Here are the best video streaming apps for sports events.

  • Hulu
  • YouTubeTV
  • FuboTV


Hulu Plus is an excellent sports streaming services provider. It is accessible on all devices you have, accessible from all regions and also offers on-demand content in addition to ESPN Plus.ESPN Plus can add as a part of their bundle to watch live sporting content from any area. This ESPN package with Hulu could be added to any subscription with another famous video streaming app Disney+.  


With the base package of YouTube TV, you can access college sports, local networks and professional sports. Sports streaming via this network also provides access to RedZone, ESPN, NFL and the MLB Network.  


Fubo TV is one of the amazing networks that provide your favourite sports events. The basis of FuboTV is soccer, so you can access more than 100 channels and NFL Redzone.FuboTV is different in that it isn’t the type of app you can use on any devices you are already using but rather a device that provides you with more than 130 sports content and DVR storage. 

Using IPTV Apps on Kodi 

Sports events can be streamed in various ways and accessed directly to sports channels using a Kodi device. These devices enable you to get video streaming services like sports events worldwide.

To use the Kodi Box better, use the IPTV apps. These apps can be unblocked by using a VPN and can keep your internet data safe from hackers. For these apps, use a reliable Kodi VPN.

1. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is another excellent IPTV app for Kodi users. This app links directly to the BBC Network, so around the world, anyone can get access to watch BBC-based programs.

2. Ccloud TV

This is a fantastic app that provides a massive library of content and more than thousands of channels around the world. By using this app, you will be able to access local network channels from the UK, Germany, Korea, Japan, and the US local network channels.

The most used channel, ESPN, contains major events via video streaming services. Moreover, AMC, HBO and CBS are also accessible.

3. Pluto. tv

An excellent network for significant sports events, comedy channels, TV Streaming, Movies and Weather. This app lets you stream the services and access them directly from the Kodi box.

4. Nitro TV

The best network to watch online Canadian sports channels and sports events, Nitro TV is the best app. You can stream more than 100 channels from Canada, the US and the UK, no matter in which region you are.  These channels offer UFC fights, league games, UEFA Champions, and more.

5. Chronos

All the major sports events are the primary events of this app for sports lovers. This is a fantastic app for MMA fights and UFC fights. Moreover, watching the NFL, NHL, PL, and World Cups is a good network.

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