How to Fix Hulu Freezing and Buffering issue

Fix hulu keeps buffering issue

While streaming in Hulu if you are facing buffering and freezing issue then needs to fix the problem. You can meet a problem of the black screen or freezing issue after a commercial or ad.

Sometimes you can listen to the voice and not see the picture, as the screen is going black or the video is frozen.

You can face these issues on any device along with Fire TV Stick, Windows PCs, Android TV Box, Roku and more.

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Why does Hulu Keep Freezing and Buffering

Different causes are added in Hulu buffering and freezing such as slow internet speed, WiFi issue, Router, App error, the slow device maybe need to be updated.

For Hulu streaming, internet speed required

  • To stream the movies and TV Shows, 3-Mbps Download Speed
  • For live Streaming 8-Mbps
  • For HD 4K Streams 16-Mbps

With the minimum 3Mbps speed, you can watch older 520p TV Shows and Movies on Hulu.

For HD 4k streaming, 16Mbps is required. 93.98 Mbps, the home internet speed is much faster than required to watch online videos from Hulu.

So you need to check the internet speed when facing a buffering problem. TO prevent internet speed, use the Google Internet Speed Test tool.

If the internet speed is low than 20Mbps, then check the Router or device. There can be a problem.

Here are Five Methods to Fix the Hulu Freezing and Buffering Issues

Restart the Device

Every device has a different app and hardware that can create an error. By restarting the device, the error can be clear, and things work actively.

Restart the Router

There can be an error in Router as the routers are the basis of the Internet and can create errors, so it needs to restart. Router restarting fix the error and get it working correctly.

Update the Hulu app

Uninstall and then install the Hulu app. This can solve the buffering problem; to reinstall the app, go to the Settings-> applications-> manage and find the installed app and uninstall it, then install again.

You can use the Amazon store to update the Hulu app. Moreover, google play store or the Hulu app store can use to correct it.

Check Updates on Device

Hulu and auto-installed release regular updates, but you should check all the updates. You can check the updates according to the device and can find them in settings also.

Always use a web browser for streaming like Chrome

Primarily, the Hulu app is used to stream the videos, but you can also use a browser to use it, and on many devices, Chrome works better than the app. If with a fast internet connection, the app is still buffering, using Chrome will likely fix the issue.

However, there are various reasons for Hulu buffering and freezing, and you can also apply different tricks to solve the problem. But the main reason is a slow WiFi connection or Hulu app error. Reset the Router or use an Ethernet cable can resolve the issue.

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